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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Larry Simoneaux
Bio: Larry Simoneaux
Date:  March 14, 2010
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Topic category:  Other/General

More thoughts.

No real subject here. Just a few random thoughts that I’ve been collecting. To wit:

Never spend a lot of time worrying what (or if) people are thinking about you because, in almost all cases, you can be certain that they’re not.

Ninety percent of success is simply showing up on time. The other 90 percent is rolling up your sleeves, putting your head down, and getting to work.

Whenever politicians begin a sentence with the words, “What we need is…”, it’s time to bury your wallet in as safe a place as you can find.

For parents of teenagers, nothing good ever happens after midnight and, if something does happen, you can bet that the fallout gets progressively worse as the night stretches on.

In my small corner of the world, there’s chocolate ice cream and, then, there’s all that other stuff.

Even if you don’t believe in him, praying to God is never a bad idea. He might just surprise you by answering. When that happens, the ball is really in your court.

Hating someone requires altogether too much time and energy. If you can’t stand them, just ignore them.

No one has ever made enough money to make them truly happy. Many, however, have made enough to make them utterly miserable.

Never muddy up someone’s conspiracy theory with stubborn facts, it just gets them more upset than they already are.

Get used to the idea that you’re human and that you’re going to screw up. Then, when it happens, it won’t be such a surprise.

Whenever you think things can’t get worse, they will - just before they get better.

You may be the toughest son-of-a-gun in the valley but, remember, there are a lot of valleys out there.

If you’ve ever wondered why many expensive devices fail, it’s because someone goofs and lets the smoke out of them. If you’ve ever wondered why it’s so expensive to fix them, try gathering that smoke and putting it back into the machine or electronic device in order to make it work again.

If life were fair, it would be pretty boring because there’d be no obstacles to overcome.

In any situation wherein telling the truth will hurt, it’s better than certain that telling a lie will eventually hurt a lot more.

Adding chocolate chips or chocolate syrup to chocolate ice cream is always a good idea. Fudge brownies on the side are a good idea too.

Just because “everyone” agrees doesn’t mean that “everyone” is right. Remember, “everyone” once agreed that the world was flat and that it was the center of the known universe.

Chew slowly. It gives you time to think.

The thing about reaching a goal is that, once there, you’re usually high enough to see the next challenge. What you do then tells everyone a lot about who you are.

Whenever you quit while facing a tough situation, there will always come the time when you wonder what would’ve happened if you’d taken just one more step or held out for just one more hour.

If you’ve ever wondered about what’s the payoff for parenthood, think of one word. That word would be “grandchildren.”

There’s one simple reason for always avoiding trouble. That would be because it’s easier getting into it than it is getting out of it.


Make the following a rule and stick to it:

“If the volume of any commercial is louder than the program you’ve been watching, never buy the product being advertised.” True, it’s a small measure of revenge, but it feels good doing it.

Larry Simoneaux

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Biography - Larry Simoneaux

Larry Simoneaux is a regular columnist for The Everett Herald in Washington state. He is a retired ship driver for the US Navy and NOAA.

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