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Author:  Nicholas Stix
Bio: Nicholas Stix
Date:  September 8, 2010
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St. Ted? Anti-Catholics at the National Catholic Reporter Begin Canonization Process for Edward M. Kennedy with Hagiography, Censorship, and Counterfeit Consensus

Never remember Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy without thinking of Mary Jo Kopechne. He got a 77-and-a-half-year orgy of privilege (including grabbing the bodies of unprivileged girls and women), whoring, drinking, gluttony and the abuse of power, which he used to destroy America. She got just under 29 years, in which she was used, and left to die a horrible death.

The National Catholic Reporter recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of Ted Kennedy’s (D-Chappaquiddick) death with something from Dr. Dr. Patrick Whelan, entitled “Ted Kennedy’s Well-Lived Life.” (Warning: The following excerpts may induce vomiting.)

A year ago today, people in Massachusetts and around the world mourned the death of Senator Ted Kennedy in a manner reserved for few Americans. Tens of thousands stood respectfully for hours, spontaneously forming lengthy lines along the shore of Columbia Point on Boston Harbor for a chance to walk past his casket. It was a testament to respect for a special moment in history, but more poignantly to a deep sense of personal loss. A member of the family had died, and the grief was evident on the faces of people who sacrificed hours to be together there. “He was out there every day, fighting the fight for us -- especially for our health,” the Rev Jesse Jackson told me, as he signed the guest book. “And look how much these people loved him for it.”

Senator Kennedy was the only one of the four brothers who was not taken in his youth. [Since when do one’s forties count as one’s “youth”?] But even at age 77, after 15 months of crossing swords with cancer, he seemed at the height of his game -- a pivotal figure in the victory of Barack Obama and a key player in the impending healthcare debate. Why at that moment, many people asked. Why do bad things happen to the people we need the most?

Senator Kennedy dwelt on this issue in the closing pages of True Compass, his autobiography, which arrived on his doorstep the day he passed away last August. Recounting reflections he shared at a Senate prayer breakfast only three months after the death in 1999 of his nephew, John Kennedy Jr., Senator Kennedy said, “Every single one of us, if we are awake to the brokenness of the world and of our lives, wonders at some point, ‘How could you allow this, O God? I believe, but help me in my unbelief!’ And these questions, this wonder, this pain and this pleading know no bounds of faith -- for the simple, hard fact is that God plays no favorites; that we all suffer; that we all die; that, at one time or another, we all shake our fists at God; and that, if we are lucky, we all come home to God in the end.” He went on to quote Thomas Carlyle, who said, “I had a lifelong quarrel with God, but we made up in the end.”

[NS: I wonder which of Kennedy's many, well-paid staffers came up with the “brokenness of the world” motif, and which contributed the Carlyle quip.]

His book weaves a chronology of his life, and it is easy to hear his deep laughter as he relates a long parade of family adventures and 47 years of campaign tales and historic legislative battles….

[Dr. Dr. Whelan is not referring to family rapes, murder, negligent (or deliberate?) homicide, the legislative swindling of the American people, or to the stealing of elections. No such luck.]

They say experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want. But Senator Kennedy had a talent for turning personal experiences into collective dividends. As a young boy living in London, he witnessed the preparations for World War II -- and he became a pivotal leader opposing the rush to war in Iraq....

From the Battle of Britain to Iraq?!

The Kennedys were in London, because FDR had appointed father Joe Sr. as ambassador to the Court of St. James. Ted Kennedy was much too young at the time to understand what had happened, but eventually he learned that his father had proven a continuous embarrassment to America, and that FDR eventually forced him to resign. The elder Kennedy was a Nazi sympathizer, a coward who fled London during the Blitz for the countryside, and was guilty of repeated disloyal statements and actions.

Dr. Dr. Whelan has no shame, whatsoever.

I commented at NCR,

This little piece of propaganda is pornographic in the debauchery it commits upon the truth. It would be perfectly at home in a newsletter from the National Abortion Rights Action League or the DNC, but the National Catholic Reporter? I’m a Jew, and yet I have more respect for Catholic principles than Mr. Whelan and the rest of you at NCR do.

The most important statement on the page comes at the bottom:

“Patrick Whelan MD, PhD is … a former advisor on Catholic concerns to Governor Howard Dean when he was chairman of the Democratic National Committee.”

If this piece of excrement is any indication, I can imagine what Dr. Dr. Whelan told Gov. Dean. Something like, ‘Governor, the most important thing to Catholics is that there be no limits whatsoever on abortion. No parental notification at any age, no limit on late-term abortions, no waiting periods. Indeed, unlimited abortion is a pillar of the Catholic faith!’

Off the top of my head, Ted Kennedy’s legacy consists of:

Mary Jo Kopechne.
Supporting abortion.
Virulent racism.
Destroying America through the 1965 Immigration Act, which he completely lied about, before it was passed and signed in to law.
Repeatedly trying to ram through racist, nation-breaking amnesties for criminal foreign invaders.
Repeatedly trying to ram through nation-breaking health-care legislation.

But the best comment came from Pat Hickey, who blogs at ... With Both Hands:

One Year Sober!

Pat and I both posted our comments at the NCR hagiography, where they were both removed; we re-posted ‘em at Jim Bowman’s Blithe Spirit blog.

The censors at NCR left a couple of critical comments up over the first weekend, amid a sea of hosannas, and then added two more token critical comments to make it appear as though Kennedy was all but universally beloved. Two idolators even called for immediate sainthood for the departed Devil:

“Santo subito!”

The censors posted Kennedy-devotee Denis Sugrue’s comment, dated August 27:

I am genuinely shocked that there’s so little hate mail on this one. Last year Brooklyn’s ‘The Tablet’ had a reader writing a letter to the ‘letters to the editor’ page for six consecutive weeks talking about how Sen. Kennedy should not have received a Catholic funeral; of course, those readers clearly were more knowledgeable than either of the Bishops in Boston or Washington.

To ensure that no technical glitch played a role in my comment not being published, I posted it on two different days at the end of August; it was never published.

After almost two weeks, by my count of the posted comments, the Kennedy worshipers presently have it, 32-7, over the critics, plus six ambiguous comments. But if Pat Hickey and I were both censored, who knows how many other critics were, too. Thus, the idolatrous consensus on behalf of Kennedy in NCR’s comment section must be seen as having been manufactured.

I got the idea for this post’s title, as well as for the barf alert, from Jim Bowman who, unlike the NCR gang, is a real Catholic, and not a counterfeit, and is where I heard about the NCR shtick. Counterfeit Catholics; has a nice ring, no? Counterfeit consensus, too.

By the way, the acronym “NCR” has traditionally been associated with “National Cash Register,” a more spiritual, less materialistic organization than the National Catholic Reporter.

With the Catholic Church having been taken over by Marxist and homosexual militants, is it any wonder that it is besieged by scandal after scandal?

Nicholas Stix
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

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