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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Nathan Tabor
Bio: Nathan Tabor
Date:  January 17, 2007
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Calling All Conservatives

I know you’re busy earning a living…chauffeuring your kids to soccer practice…fixing the leaking faucet in your bathroom. And I know that it’s not that you don’t care—but that you care so deeply that it’s hard for you to even think about what’s been going on in this country this week—it’s just so painful.

But, if you’re a conservative, I think you’ll need to park the mini-van long enough to call up your local talk radio talk show and vent. After all, you deserve it, since it’s your hard-earned dollars that are paying the salaries of the designer-suited politicos who not only want to take the aforementioned hard-earned money away from you, but destroy all the values you hold dear in the process.

It’s time for conservatives to rise up out of their cul-de-sacs and take back control of their country.

Or else our children are going to pay the price.

Here’s what the past week of liberal Democratic control of Congress has done for our nation:

Democrats summarily dismissed the President’s new strategy for Iraq. Openly. Publicly. Enthusiastically. We are in the midst of a hard-fought war that is putting our sons’ and daughters’ lives on the line. We owe it to them to support them in the field. Yet, Democrats—and when did Nancy Pelosi go to War College?--claim the President’s plan is unworkable. Yet, they have no plan of their own. If you truly cared about winning a war…if you really wanted to safeguard national security…and you didn’t care for the Commander-in-Chief’s war strategy…wouldn’t you at least propose a plan of your own? But that would require too much work. And you’re too busy posing for TV news cameras to lay out battle plans anyway.

Democrats attempted to embarrass the President and portray him as being out of touch with the American public by forcing a vote on a federal funding plan for embryonic stem cell research that he had promised to veto. Embryonic stem cell research has resulted in zero successful treatments. That’s why its backers are so determined to get federal funding, because private investors aren’t willing to put their money in it. Instead, they’re funding the proven, ethically sound research known as adult stem cell research. If we’re going to give our tax dollars to scientists, wouldn’t it be better to give it to those who are achieving real results? No, the Democrats say, we should open up the public coffers to anyone willing to fiddle around with human embryos for fun and profit. It’s an obscene way to attempt to raid Uncle Sam’s bank account, and conservatives should be outraged.

Pelosi’s 100 Days campaign is just more Democratic propaganda. The aim is not to advance this nation diplomatically, strategically, or scientifically. It’s all just an effort to see how much Dems can get away with once they’re in power. It’s also an attempt to pave the way for the Democratic Party’s next Presidential candidate to wage a take-no-prisoners campaign against the GOP.

As a fellow conservative, I don’t blame you if you’re fed up with scandal, corruption, and political gamesmanship in Washington. So am I. But if you care about this country’s future…and the future of your grandchildren…you’ll take action now. You’ll write a letter to the editor…you’ll call your Congressman…you’ll tell your children that country is more important than political advantage…that patriotism isn’t a dirty word…that the best way to make money is to earn it. You’ll stand up for the conservative values that your parents and grandparents instilled in you.

And you won’t apologize for trying to reverse the course of Pelosi’s 100 days.

Nathan Tabor

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Biography - Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor regularly appears on radio and is writing a book for Thomas Nelson Publishing. Nathan received his BA in psychology from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and his MA in public policy from Regent University.

In 2004, Nathan ran for Congress (NC5) in an eight-way primary. He raised over $850,000 and received over 7,500 votes in the most expensive primary in American history. Nathan's supporters included Dick Armey, Ed Meese, Steve Moore, Art Laffer, Pat Robertson, Bob Jones III, Congressman Robert Aderholt, Congressman Trent Franks, Congressman Jim Ryun, Beverly and Tim LaHaye, Mike Farris and many others. Dr. Jerry Falwell dubbed him the "young Jesse Helms."

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