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Author:  Nathan Tabor
Bio: Nathan Tabor
Date:  April 18, 2007
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Never Give Up on the War on Terror

It seems hard to believe, given the fact that 9/11 was not so very long ago. But it seems to me that a number of people—particularly certain public officials—have become complacent when it comes to the War on Terror.

This is a war that is likely to last far longer than President Bush’s administration. In fact, it’s a battle America will be fighting for the rest of our lifetimes.

If you had any doubt about the continuing terrorist threat facing not only Americans but innocent people throughout the world, consider this: a recent terrorist bombing in Algeria killed some 30 people. You may not think that sounds like a significant event in the scheme of things. However, an ABC news correspondent is reporting that the attack is part of a broad “Spring Offensive” campaign launched by our enemies at al Qaeda.

ABC states that the terrorist network may attempt to hit targets throughout southern Europe and North Africa. The ABC blog states, “According to French and Algerian intelligence officials, Algerian jihadis like these, veterans of the fight against U.S. forces in Iraq, are central to the offensive, which has been planned for months and is believed to target locations in France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.”

Just because New York City was not on the list doesn’t mean that we can rest easy. The fact of the matter is that there is strong evidence to indicate that al Qaeda continues to be active and remains determined to resume its reign of terror around the globe.

While it would be wrong to panic in the face of such a threat, it’s critically important that we remain on guard. That means funding a strong defense, securing our borders, and making it clear that the U.S. is determined to defeat the terrorists.

I realize that thinking about terrorism is disconcerting. We don’t like to be reminded of that dreadful day when we saw the Twin Towers fall before our eyes. But, for the sake of our children and our children’s children, we must never forget.

Those who are pushing for a de-emphasis on defense…those who want to open our borders to anyone and everyone who comes knocking…and those who try to elicit sympathy for terrorists are simply not on our side. At another time in our nation’s history, such individuals would be called traitors.

When it comes to our security, we cannot afford to compromise. We need strong leaders who will not blink in the face of terror—who will do whatever it takes to ensure that our country is safe.

To do otherwise is to risk everything that our forefathers fought for. For we cannot be considered truly free if we cow-tow to people who have no respect for our lives, our nation, and our traditions. Leadership, both for the sake of our nation and for the sake of the Western world, demands a strong U.S. defense.

Let’s hope Americans remember that when they head to the polls in ’08.

Nathan Tabor

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Biography - Nathan Tabor

Nathan Tabor regularly appears on radio and is writing a book for Thomas Nelson Publishing. Nathan received his BA in psychology from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and his MA in public policy from Regent University.

In 2004, Nathan ran for Congress (NC5) in an eight-way primary. He raised over $850,000 and received over 7,500 votes in the most expensive primary in American history. Nathan's supporters included Dick Armey, Ed Meese, Steve Moore, Art Laffer, Pat Robertson, Bob Jones III, Congressman Robert Aderholt, Congressman Trent Franks, Congressman Jim Ryun, Beverly and Tim LaHaye, Mike Farris and many others. Dr. Jerry Falwell dubbed him the "young Jesse Helms."

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