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Date:  June 5, 2007
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A Review:  "World War III – The War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security System" by Eugene Narrett
by Gemma Blech

REVIEW: WORLD WAR III – The war on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State by Eugene Narrett [Published 2007 by Lightcatcher Books, $22.95, 326 pages]

Professor Eugene's Narrett most recent book – World War III – The War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State – is a tour de force. Beginning with, 'the original sin of Western civilization was its war against Jews and Judaism', Narrett shows how we are now living in the same pagan empire that civilization once displaced. The world is in rebellion against its original roots which was based in the Hebrew scriptures and now rejects everything that the Jews ever held dear – family, morality, marriage; honesty, memory, discrete nations and above all a deep sense that we spring from all that the God of Israel gave us and taught us.

Ancient hatreds of the Jews have taken modern forms. Fanned by Western enablers of jihad they justify a fake war on terror whose security measures move everyone toward a “world security state.”

This study is compelling and audacious in its overview of western history. Essential to its premise is that when the God of Israel called out His own people He gave them a land – a perfect land – and that true peace would only come when Israel was living on all the Land which He gave them, the keystone in the arch of a world satiated with goodness. The endless attempts of governments and nations to uproot the Jews from their land and to ghettoize them are the antithesis of real peace and the source of the world’s slide into terror. Narrett's analysis of an epitome of these crimes, the uprooting of Jews from Gush Katif and northern Shomron is not just to highlight the abomination of uprooting Jews from their homes, villages and land, as in a Russian pogrom, not only about the dangerous instability of client regimes and controlling imperial powers but to show how the very act has brought a curse on the land and the leaders responsible for the destruction and 'division of My land'.

With detailed references and prose that approaches poetry, this book analyses the way the Western world, in its treatment of the Jews and Israel has reverted to a pagan past. "Jewish wisdom and its way of life is the science of the Eternal One. It is He who has been under attack from the late 4th through the 5th-6th millennia as Rome's rise and Greco-Roman culture beat down the era of the Torah, destroying the Temple, decimating and enslaving the Jews, desolating their land……a pattern repeated in the 19th/20th centuries as the evidence of the historicity of Israel emerged in archeology, linguistics, natural sciences….[so] as in Roman times [there is] an increase in hostility ending in genocide…Modernism … recycles the attitudes and ambitions of Babylon and Rome." [pp.253-4]. Examining the West from its pop culture to geopolitics, the author shows how imperial Babylon, Greece and Rome have re-emerged in our own time, their lust for power destroying the West’s root. Thus the most obvious foe, Islam is neither identified as a foe, nor fought as an enemy. Narrett writes that rather than identify and defeat Islamic jihad "it assists and enables it. In this rationally inexplicable fact [is] a key, perhaps the key to western decadence, its inversion of its core values and the tyranny it is becoming, a tyranny that destroys free will and the history and education that nurture it."

But, the war of the present day stems from a war that has been raging for centuries – and whose focus always was the rejection, persecution, expulsion, murder of the Jews. Focused initially in the Roman Empire this soon morphed into the Roman church and its only in these latter days that the aims of the church to play good cop/bad cop with Islam in re-occupying Israel through 'diplomacy' rather than crusades is seen more clearly - by some. And the author is alert to the interplay of the European-Vatican bloc with the Anglo-American and Russian imperial systems, too and how all of the use the “world community” (UN) to isolate and target Israel, making the Jewish homeland a place of attrition and terror that the powers keep at a high boil, suppressing Jewish sovereignty and accelerating “global solutions.”

WW III, the War on the Jews explains in simple language that underlying all the processes, road maps, and one-sided agreements forced upon Israel 'for peace' is the internationalist agenda for a World State. This godless, borderless, tyrannical society still is mocked as Orwell’s fantasy or that of “conspiracy nuts” but its slogans and methods now are heard and seen in every corner of the 'west' and Narrett quotes and identifies many of them. But Israel is the core and its planned dismemberment the ultimate “Munich Pact.” We are seeing in our own time a constant re-working of Psalm 83: "The nations take counsel together, saying, come let us cut them off from nationhood that Israel's name not be remembered any more'. The nations of today are not just the Arab/Muslim nations all around who make no bones about their plan 'to wipe Israel off the map', but the much more deceitful dealings of the British and the American State Departments. Narrett gives example after example of the way both British and American governments have worked for the destruction of Israel – since 1920 into our days, dressing it up as a Road map to peace. He also provides numerous examples of Israel's current leadership who are the willing pawns of the leaders of this New World Order.

This book is replete with excellent quotes, sources, maps, photos and an extensive bibliography. I call the text 'poetic prose' as the author applies not only history and the Scriptures to develop his discussion but Shakespeare, the romantic poets, modern art, the Koran and today's jihadist leaders. But this book is not just a popular history with the depth of an academic study – it is a wake-up call in these Last Days. Even as Gush Katif, Samaria, and Jewish 'outposts' are destroyed and ransacked – by Israel's own government – Narrett shows quite clearly that the few who stay and fight for their land – even if it means unjust imprisonment -- are the real hope for the future. Some of the book’s most biting analysis is when the author describes how Israel’s antidemocratic system controls those Jews who do not lie down before the false claims of the godless Left. Israel's original Labor Zionism is exposed for the sham that it now is and how well it now works with the Arab-oriented British and American diplomatic establishments. America, whose Puritan basis contained a profound love for the Bible – which by definition includes the land of Israel and the Jews - has become a state security system, now called the Department of Homeland Security that is geared toward a Continental bloc and federated world of mindless consumer-serfs. This is the antithesis of Judaism and the Jewish model of a world built of discrete nations and people with free will and responsibility. The behind-the-arras rulers of the UK hatched this plan (Communism is simply the Russian version) are totally complicit in the terror by which Europe becomes Eurabia and London, Londonistan. In spite of bombs and terror attacks the notion that Islam is a 'religion of peace' is still the official line of both church and state in Britain and in the US the President says the same while calling continually for a 'Two-State Solution' in the Middle East - whilst still boasting of being a 'Bible-believing Christian.' By burying the truth of the past, Israel, the West forfeits a living present and fossilizes into a sterile imperial monster, drunk with forgetting. The author is eloquent on this topic and illuminates it from a wide range of perspectives.

Narrett writes: "Americans take note and beware: Israel and the Jews are the canary in the mine. If a league of governments can justify expelling Jews from their ancient homeland, any government can 'justify' expelling any person from their home, -- and will do so." [p.64]

The conflict between Hizbollah and Israel in summer 2006 is used as a framework to expose the perfidy of western governmental and media elites, their community of interests with jihad, the puppet show in Israel’s ruling institutions and the increasing dangers of the “crisis-management” that is the method of those who promise us peace and “security and prosperity partnerships.” As he explains in the Afterword, the imperial power-lust of the dying west is “a war on grace and integrity.” All of us inhabit the theatre of this war and it behooves us to see and resist the enemies…

In tracing this complex war, the author reflects on the injustice done to Jonathan Pollard and intertwines his fate with that of Israel using as a template psalm 102, one of the most poignant in the canon. Dr. Narrett elaborates the relevance of this link with eloquent survey of commentaries, with appreciation for self-sacrifice and hope for redemption. These are remarkable features in a work of scholarship.

In a similar spirit, Narrett reminds us not only of the historical record but that God designated the Land for the Jewish people as an “everlasting possession” to practice an exemplary simple, integrated, reasonable and joyous way of life. It is equally clear that the 'peace' which all long for only comes when the Jews are living on their covenanted-promised land and are free to defend themselves. Thus the 'peace' about which the world endlessly speaks is a sham, a cover for terror, “security measures” and the destruction of the ordered freedom that is Judaism’s core. If Israel allows '"faithless shepherds" to spurn their birthright the void will be filled with HAMAS [“violence”], foreign soldiers and alien gods. The banner of Israel must be raised, a single nation upon the hills of Israel.'

I can do no better than to conclude with a brief paragraph from this very special book: 'While it is for us to study, discern and amend these dynamics [of a global security state] is stated very clearly by the Eternal One in Torah, "Those who bless Israel I will bless; those who afflict Israel I will afflict." And so it comes to pass." [p.261]

World War III – The War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security System, by Eugene Narrett can be ordered on the Internet on

Review by Gemma Blech:

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