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Date:  November 18, 2007
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Scary Debate
This latest Democrat "debate" should have been on Halloween night, it was that scary.

I made the mistake of watching the Democrat Party presidential debate last night. Every one of the candidates frightened the hell out of me.

It is beyond my level of understanding to comprehend why a majority of American voters would agree with the preposterous comments these foolish candidates made. The following are some of the frightening ideas that seemed to form the majority opinion of the candidates:

  • Civil rights and Human rights should not be violated—even to protect the security of our nation. The Patriot Act is not protecting us!

  • Amnesty should be provided to illegal immigrants (excuse me the term they used was “undocumented workers.”). It is our fault that these people violated our laws, therefore they should not be considered criminals. They also should be granted social security benefits, and their children should be educated in our schools at the expense of American tax payers. The majority of them believed that providing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants was a positive move, while protecting our border with a fence was not.

  • Global warming has been caused by the Bush administration.

  • The way to deal with Social Security is to create a bi-partisan panel.

  • The Social Security crisis was created by the Bush administration. Everything was fine during the Clinton years.

  • The way to deal with Iran is to be nice to the Iranian leaders, and to involve Syria in all discussions. Talking to these tyrants will solve the problems of the Middle East. Saber-rattling just aggravates them and should not be done.

  • Nuclear energy is not one of the answers to our energy needs, but wind power is.

  • The federal government should take over our educational system and provide free education from preschool through two years of graduate school.

  • The surge is not working in Iraq.

  • All American contract workers in Iraq should be withdrawn. Those evil Halliburton people are part of the problem.

  • We must end our “occupation” of Iraq, i.e. pull our troops out immediately, and do not leave even a residual force. Doing so will solve the Iraq problem.

  • Ensuring democracy in Pakistan by withholding money from the Pakistani government until marshal law is ended is more important than Pakistan’s role in protecting U.S. security. (I guess these people have forgotten the result of Jimmy Carter’s administration's failure to support the Shah of Iran.)

  • Abortion should be a litmus test for Supreme Court justices. Nominees should not necessarily be judges who are scholarly, but rather should be people who have experienced hardship of life. (I guess they meant people like Clarence Thomas and Miguel Estrada).

  • The U.S. should be more concerned with complying with international law than protecting U.S. interests.

I could go on for another page or so, but it is too depressing. I will end by saying that Republicans better get their act together, and unite around a candidate who can defeat Hillary (or whoever is the democratic nominee) or we are going to be in a lot of trouble.

Stan Christodlous

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