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Guest Author:  Lou Pritchett
Date:  June 8, 2009
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Topic category:  Government/Politics

Dear President Obama
(sent to NYTimes on April 26, 2009)

An open letter to Barack Hussein Obama.

During the first 100 days of your administration you have done more to damage the United States standing in the world than any other American president in history. Given this unusual anti-American behavior, I feel compelled to challenge you as follows:

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU travel the world siding with and apologizing to every second-rate critic of America you can find?

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU take a world wide apology tour as America's greatest critic in order to gain personal popularity overseas?

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU conclude diplomacy consists of apologizing for America and calling America arrogant?

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU make public the CIA interrogation memos?

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU take dangerous revenge on the Bush administration for using interrogation techniques the Congress was aware of?

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU refuse to replace the decaying warheads in our nuclear arsenal while Russia rebuilds hers and China expands hers?

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU respond to North Korea's and Iran?s building of nuclear weapons and missiles by terminating our missile defense system?

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU say you will reduce our ground forces when they already have proven too small?

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU cut off the production of modern military warplanes and reduce the size of our navy while China goes full speed ahead?

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU apologize for President Truman's decision to drop the atomic bombs that ended World War II and for President Kennedy helping Cuban freedom fighters in their Bay of Pigs attempt to retake their homeland?

WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON WHEN YOU ignore what America has freely given in blood and treasure for the free world in World War I and World War II and the Cold War?

You truly scare me,

Lou Pritchett (

Lou Pritchett

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Copyright 2009 by Lou Pritchett
All Rights Reserved.

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