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Guest Author:  Andy Benjamin
Date:  June 12, 2009
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Topic category:  International Affairs/Foreign Policy

Obama gives Jerusalem to the Palestinians

Apparently, Obama is the sovereign of Israel. The Israeli government The People elected has no say in the matter of relinquishing its 3500 year old capital.

Apparently, Obama is the sovereign of Israel. The Israeli government The People elected has no say in the matter of relinquishing its 3500-year-old capital.

After all, Obama said that America will no longer dictate to other nations...except...of Israel.

Let me explain the nature of anti-Semitism: anti-Semitism is a double standard that places a different standard on one people than to the rest of humanity. Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism and no less, based on the assertion that every people on the planet deserve a homeland of their own, self-determination, and the means to self-defense...except...of course...the Jewish People.

Given the observations above, I would be fact I challenge anyone who reads provide evidence that Obama is not anti-Semitic. Let's go back to whom Obama associated himself with throughout his life:

I mean, the Jews were there continuously for 3500 years, the Arabs were not ever in control for more than 22 years. So Obama wants to chop up the Jewish nation bit by bit, with the coup de grace given at the beginning of his campaign to dismember the state, rather than at its end.

I hope the Jews can take a joke.

As for'll get an idea what the young Jews in Israel think of him...apparently they don't think of Obama's sense of humor much...though personally I don't like the racial epitaphs spouted by one drunk kid, under the circumstances of the story above and the ramifications of what Obama is doing to an innocent people, maybe, just maybe, it may be understandable.

The Jews are not with him on this kid's comment, I assure you. But Obama, it is clear, is trying to change the situation to tilt world opinion to the Moslems who murdered thousands of Americans for over forty years...and away from the Israelis who have often died for American interests. The video I speak about is from the virulent Jew- and Bush-hating website, DAILY KOS, ...but then what do you expect? That KOS would put Jews in a good light?


Hear a Palestinian leader state: "Obama promised Jerusalem to us." Do you wonder now why Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, collected money and campaigned for Obama in 2008? No one believed it the Jews who voted for Obama believe it now?

The Prime Minister of Israel...alone in the whole world....stands up to Obama; and will CONTINUE to stand up to the Kenyan born British subject.

This is the vast difference between virtue and expediency, between character and evil.

Netenyahu will accept a two state solution based on the Andorra model. A Palestinian state that has sovereignity, but no armed forces.

"It must be understood, we seek peace with the Palestinians and with the states of the Arab world while trying to reach as much understanding as possible with the United States and our friends abroad," the Israeli leader said at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting.

"My desire is to achieve a stable peace that rests on solid foundations of security for the state of Israel and its citizens."

Meaning, Israel has given all it will give. It won't be dictated to by Obama or anyone else. Suicide is option...yet it is the very option Obama wants Israel to take.

Would the reader take that option for himself?

Andy Benjamin

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