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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Guest Author:  Andrew G. Benjamin
Date:  August 14, 2009
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Topic category:  Depravity on the Left

Don't Say A Word!
It's not what you think. It is what you say.

You cannot say much these days without maligning someone. What you say may be truthful or merely indicate your biases. In any case, it will be used against you. Someone will always be offended. Better say nothing at all.

It's not what you think. It is what you say.

You cannot say much these days without maligning someone. What you say may be truthful or merely indicate your biases. In any case, it will be used against you.

Someone will always be offended. Better say nothing at all.

Rush Limbaugh, Lt . Gen. William Boykin, and Gregg Easterbrook have all provoked someone. All are in the public eye, two make their living in the world of ideas. Limbaugh offended Blacks; Boykin, Muslims; and Easterbrook, Jews; all are conservatives, and not one meant offense to anyone.

Liberals consider themselves very aggrieved indeed. They'd like to can the "perps" for exercising their constitutionally-protected right of free speech.

Clearly, as long as one does not advocate criminality or aid the enemies of the state, one has inalienable rights to say what one thinks, regardless of what the other feels. Rather, it is the detractors who should be skewered and grilled because it is they who muzzle debate to deliberately impose what they consider acceptable civil discourse. Mostly, consider that "Politically Correct" disregards the truth.

Think about it. Politically Correct. Not ethically correct; not morally correct, nor is it logically correct!

Perhaps the P.C. Police would tell you what to think. But they cannot tell me.

PC-ness and The American Civil Liberties Union: neither has a problem defending "art," such as Crucifixes dipped in excrement. They will however, predictably resist freedom of expression for "disagreeable" (to them) speech and thought. Ironically this is the very right they had earlier fought for. In other words, they have no problem with free speech as long the speaker encourages leftist causes.

Earlier I observed that cultures can be measured by their contribution to mankind. With no exceptions, cultures that contributed zilch are the most likely to take exception to my views.

Lately, Christians and white males are the targets for those favoring the righting of wrongs that were, but are no longer, and will never be. Among Christians, the Catholics are set up for PC-"targeted killings". Make sure you're not born a Catholic or a white male. Convert now while you can!

The ACLU "supported the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws at the expense of civil liberties," according to David E. Bernstein,* "when they tried to force the Boy Scouts to accept activist gays who planned to promote respect for gays. (The Supremes later threw out the suit). "….by that logic…laws that ban religious anti-discrimination might require gay organizations to hire Catholics who would use their position to proselytize against homosexuality."

The activist lawyers at the ACLU and their supporters impose their PC-agenda into the private affairs and activities of individuals and private organizations by attempting to legislate through the activist courts for rights that don't exist, and behaviors that are unenforceable within the framework of conventional human affairs. They wish to extinguish critical opinion on campus, where PC reigns among academics and the student body; where conservative teachers are invisible, conservative speakers made as unwelcome as possible; and conservative student publications are de-funded and shut down.

Congress is soon to debate "The Academic Bill of Rights" submitted by Reps. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) and Walter B. Jones (R-NC), "that will ensure fairness in higher education and protect students from one-sided liberal propaganda; …and…safeguard the student's right to get an education rather than an indoctrination. University professors should…teach…our kids how to think, not what to think."

The educrats coerce diversity for all campus affairs and will punish those who resist; and they ensure that one category of diversity will be omitted and will never appear on the curiculum -– the diversity of ideas.

The Bottom Line: Political Correctness transforms the nation's business from education, employment, entertainment and the arts. It is a corrosive, anti-democratic, irrational, authoritarian, and obnoxious ideology. The PC weapon is meant to control and stifle diversity of opinion and enrich those who contribute little to the public discourse and well-being for the benefit and perpetuation of individual mediocrity and social paralysis.

Andrew G. Benjamin

Notes:  REF:  You Can't Say That! The growing threat to civil liberties from anti-discrimination laws. David E. Bernstein (Cato Institute 2003)

And, finally, 33 states passed "The Academic Bill of Rights" against persistent opposition by the education lobby and their friends. The act was portrayed by its enemies as "Right Wing" -- no such thing! It is exactly the opposite, protecting free speech and balance, and protecting students' and professor's Fourteenth Amendment Rights under the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution -- that its detractors preferred to freely and without consequences to violate ad infinitum. Well, they were disappointed and with the passage of time discredited. Their fears had no merit. but of course the teachers unions wanted the freedom to indoctrinate students with their propaganda.

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