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Guest Author:  Dian Freeman
Date:  November 13, 2009
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Topic category:  Government/Politics

9-12 Eyewitness Account and Protest March Numbers

Maybe its time we remember that America is more than Washington politicians doing as they please. Time to take a second look at the magnitude of the 9-12-09 protest march on Washingon, DC.

When asked, a policeman at the Washington DC Tea Party on 9/12/09 said that they were not allowed to estimate numbers of people in attendance but that we could figure it out for ourselves by looking back to see if the crowd reached from the Capital to the Washington Monument…if it did, then the estimate could safely be between 1.75 to 2million.

I was there. When I looked back from the Capitol I saw wall to wall patriots from the Capitol to the Washington monument…with more joining us every minute. When we left the Capitol at 3:30 for the hour walk back to the bus, we were told that the city of Washington had been plagued with gridlock all day from those coming to this rally and that no one could move by car on the main streets for hours. That is why so many protesters came in late and why our numbers kept growing as the day did.

The UK newspaper, The Mail, estimated the attendance at 2 million at first but, lowered it to 1million after seeing American news estimation of less than 100,000. However, my brother just sent me the below webpage that supports the estimate of 1.75 to 2 million. Check it out.

It was the most glorious day….everywhere you looked the smiles were a mile wide. We were all so proud to be there. I saw no really offensive signs and met no angry, offensive people. There were no arrests…a first for a Washington protest.

My father (age 86) and brother flew up from Texas to join us for the day in Washington. They agreed that it was one of the greatest days of their lives, as it was mine. We could not believe we were really there protesting our government, still shocked that we needed to do so. And, that so many others made the extraordinary effort to be there as well. It was beautiful day and a proud day for America and Americans.

I hope we go back in the spring as many of us will be bring our friends. Everyone I speak to say they want to go next time. We need to go back because “they” still are pretending they don’t hear us, even now.

I don’t see evidence that our spirit is crushed by the lies about how many of us were there or by the professed media horror of our “nasty” signs. We were there and we saw our numbers…and our signs. So we know better. What fun it was walking through the crowd reading them and chatting with their creators.

Among my favorites were “ Fight Obamacare – Canadian Lives Depend on it.” And a stroller with a sign that said “Grandchildren need Grandparents. ” My father’s sign that said “ The Greatest Generation Did not Fight for Socialism.” Others were “DC District of Corruption” and a lot of “Patriot” and “Don’t Tread on Me” shirts, flags and signs. There were “Liar in Chief,” “Joe Wilson was Right,” “Silent No More” and “Thank God for Glen Beck.”

I carried a sign that said, “Registered Democrat with Voters Remorse - Sorry America.” I was laughingly photographed, hugged and told a thousand times, “That’s alright. We forgive you, sweetie”. Bet I would have been beaten up if the party situation and protest was reversed. Gotta love those good-hearted conservatives.

Even the sign that the liberal media found so offensive, “Bury Obamacare with Kennedy” was not at all offensive to me. It didn’t say bury ‘Obama.’ And, “they” are the ones using the death of Kennedy to try to sell Obamacare. The sign was a totally logical statement and sentiment, in my mind. And, I support it being used.

There were a lot of anti-Apollo and Acorn signs. One of the toilet doors carried the sign, “Acorn Field Office.” The atmosphere was good natured and carnival-like.

But, our current government should not count on it to always remain so. The NRA signs warned “We Left Our Guns Home…This Time.” Surely more than a bit of bravado but, it is a fact that we will not be happy if our concerns continue to not be addressed.

There were no racial signs that I saw. The closest one to it said: “Somewhere in Kenya a Village is Missing an Idiot.” I think it more a personal slight than a racial one. I saw, nor heard, anything nearly as vitriolic as was used for eight years against GW.

The racial claims made by Jimmy Carter and our congressional “leaders” are a fabrication. They have nothing else to use against us. We are right. And, we have a right to make our thoughts known.

It would behoove our congressmen to take note of this protest and our intent to get rid of them. Without his minions in congress Obama’s socialist policies will have no legs. But, as long as I do, I will be marching in DC every time the Tea Party calls us to stand up to the plate.

Thank you Tea Party Organizers and the organizers in Morristown NJ who provided us with such efficient and comfortable transportation. Order up more buses for the spring…our numbers will be growing as more socialist policies are stuffed down our throats.

Feel free to pass this eyewitness report on to whomever you wish.

God Bless you and God Bless America.

Dian Freeman
Morristown, NJ

Dian Freeman

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