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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Guest Author:  John Porter
Date:  March 6, 2012
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Topic category:  Government/Politics

Socialism and its Effects

Barack Obama is demonstrating in word and deed his intentions of taking this nation to that form of government, as have gone the countries of Europe.

I have written before about Socialism and my belief that Barack Obama is demonstrating in word and deed his intentions of taking this nation to that form of government, as have gone the countries of Europe.

A friend asked if I would write an explanation of Socialism and its inherent evils and the effects it would have upon us as individuals. I have been reluctant to do so out of the fear of my poor ability to do justice to how evil it can be and the death blow it will deliver to the God given freedoms of mankind which we have enjoyed for so long in the United States, thanks to the framers of our Constitution. Here, ever so reluctantly is my attempt at his request.

Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned. Private ownership of property, including land, businesses and goods gives individuals security and a means to control their own affairs. Who would not want to live this way?

Socialism seeks to control the means of production and property ownership through the "redistribution of wealth" and ensure those means are at the service of government. In other words, the means of production and all property are under the control of government with no rights of the individual. You will have very little if any control over your own affairs. Who would want to live this way?

I believe the American people, if aware of it's evils, will never knowingly and willingly adopt Socialism. But if we aren't very careful, under the name of "Liberalism," we will adopt every fragment of a socialist program, until one day we will be a socialist nation, without realizing how it happened.

As, J. B. Williams said, "The progressive left in America is openly selling socialism now, openly selling Americans the notion that freedom doesn't work. They are no longer operating in the shadows, but rather right up in your face." I wrote recently about the difference in a Democracy and a Constitutional Representative Republic. The fact is that pure democracy is socialism, and the reason our founders chose not to establish a Democracy.

The United States with our Capitalist and Free Enterprise Market System has been by far the world's dominant economic system for over two hundred years. Within it, the means of production of goods and the distribution of those goods are owned by individuals. For all those two hundred years the freedom of private ownership and free enterprise have led to the abundance of food and products, more efficiency, lower prices, better products and rising prosperity. The production of food and materials and private individual prosperity has never been equaled by any Socialist country.

Socialism advocates the ownership and control of production and industry by the government. Karl Marx, of Germany, believed and preached that "Socialism, represents the stage following Capitalism in a country transforming to Communism. He also taught that "Democracy is the road to Socialism." Socialism comes in many forms. Communist, Marxist, Fascist, Liberals, Progressives, and Socialist are all varying degrees of Socialism, known as totalitarian concepts. The difference is degrees only. There is not an example on planet earth of a Socialist country, past or present, ever producing the level of prosperity and happiness for the people which our system of private owned property and managed businesses have accomplished in the Constitutional Republic of America. Ask yourself, why, for as long as we can recall, even to present day, are people loading on to boats, cutting fences, climbing walls, and swimming rivers to escape those countries to get into the United States?

The people of almost every country on the continent of Africa are starving to death. We see on a daily basis the fly blown faces of these starving people. Every one of those countries have Socialist governments of some form. Every country on the continent of Europe including England, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, and Finland are experiencing the results of the evils of their respective forms of Socialism with extremely high taxes. Greece being the perfect example. Despite the Socialist system that has ruled that country for decades with a 65% tax rate, they are drowning in public debt without enough food and goods to support the people. A huge portion of their population lives in abject poverty. What have all those high tax rates of Socialism bought, besides ultimate power for the politicians running the country. Every spangle of financial knowledge tells us that Spain and Portugal are right behind with the remainder of Europe closing in soon on the same fate. Russia and North Korea have collapsed under one form or another of Socialism.

With president Obama leading the way, the United States is heading down that exact same path. How will that effect me as an individual, you ask? If we leave president Obama to his ways of Socialism, tax rates in America will reach between 60% to 80% and our lives will be exactly like that in Europe. Socialized health care will mandate who your doctor will be, whether or not you are a candidate for treatment of an illness. It will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to buy a new home, or land, a new car, send your children to college if you desire, birth control will be mandated, private ownership of property will be frowned upon, starting and maintaining a business will be impossible. Even the small things in our every day lives such as the kind of windows you may put in your house and the type of light bulbs you may buy. The list of the evils of Socialism is a long one, and it will effect every person in America, not just certain segments. It always starts with the same Socialist battle cries...equalize income, spread the wealth, level the economic playing field, take from those who have and give to those who have not. The very notion that with hard work and perseverance, anybody can get ahead economically here in the United States will be destroyed. As once said, Socialism is nothing more than the sharing of misery.

Think it can't happen here? Open your eyes. It is happening right in front of you. Before we can confront and stop the enemies of our American Free Enterprise, private property and business ownership system, we must first recognize who they are. It has been said, the enemies of the most free, productive and happiness fulfilling way of life in the world have a hundred years head start and they are not only smart, they are devious. Unless we are more committed to keeping our Representative Constitutional Republic, and the freedom to be our own person, than those who want to turn us into a Socialist nation, we will lose. Make no mistake, Barack Obama is committed to replacing that which has made America great with the same thing going on in Europe and Africa and Asia. In order for us to defeat Socialism in the United States, we will have to defeat it in every form in which it rears its ugly head under all its modern labels.

Under the leadership of Barack Obama, Socialism has a death grip on America. Louis Farrakhan was bragging this week that "America is on her death bed." He has praised Barack Obama for his leadership. George Soros finances with huge sums of money the effort to Socialize this country. He is another staunch backer of Barack Obama. America, we must get involved and resist. Resistance requires action. No matter where we are or who we are with we must defend our freedom. Please get involved, no one can sit this out. These men and their supporters in congress and the courts and media are bent on bringing America down and replacing her with Socialism. I cannot impress upon you strongly enough that we unite and fight together against these men or we are going to lose the battle for freedom and liberty and we will lose it very soon. I assure you, that loss will come at an unthinkable cost to every American.

Please [share] this [with] all you can. We must unite.

John Porter


Mr. Porter lives in Arkansas. His column was received in email form from a patriotic American and is worth sharing for its clear insights.

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