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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Guest Author:  E. K. Robinson
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Date:  January 18, 2013
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Topic category:  Election Fraud

Why are we pretending?

Why are we pretending? Pretending that elections in 2014 might change things, that elections in 2016 could too? Even now the Republicans and their talk show supporters are flailing about as if there is some future in electoral politics for them. They discuss strategy as if it mattered, not seeming to get that they have been marginalized. It is over. It is part of the plan.

Why are we pretending? Pretending that elections in 2014 might change things, that elections in 2016 could too? Even now the Republicans and their talk show supporters are flailing about as if there is some future in electoral politics for them. They discuss strategy as if it mattered, not seeming to get that they have been marginalized. It is over. It is part of the plan.

The template for stealing elections in America at the national level has been set in the 2012 election. Given all the unvetted and demonstrable aberrations in this election, it has become crystal clear that the 2012 Presidential election was illegally determined and, by extension, so will every future election. Without addressing these issues the current president must be considered illegal and a usurper and every effort made to remove him from office. The complicit media (Baa, Baa) quickly buried all negative (i.e., truthful) information about this election. That the Republican Party has not vigorously investigated the election results is a sign of their weakness and/or complicity. After the 2014 elections, if held, Republicans will be gone. There will be no 2016 elections. Obama is right; he has run his last campaign, although he fully expects to be ‘Presidente’ when the next one rolls around.

Americans, by and large, are a trusting lot. They find it hard to believe that Obama and the Democrats are themselves as evil, nasty, arrogant and vindictive as they accuse the Republicans of being. But they are. Republicans, both national and individual, as well as most honest, law abiding citizens are shell shocked; criminal activity by national government officials at all levels are moving at dervish blur speed; who can keep up? The ‘administration’ counts on our trust of the system and belief that this is a nation of laws not men. They create a veil of confusion and obfuscation with an endless parade of brazen criminal acts, incessant and contradictory lies, and by stealing the nation blind in plain sight with displays of personal hubris that would make Nero blush. Obama told the truth about one thing, we are indeed seeing a transparent administration - never has one displayed such open corruption, with such an endless array of highly visible criminal acts, with many acts by any measure those of traitors, aided and abetted by a fully complicit media (Baa, Baa).

There is an informative video created during WWII, directed by Frank Capra, to provide GIs with an understanding of why America was at war, why they were going to fight an enemy on foreign soil. The first episode, Prelude to War, examined, step by step the process by which each of the three Axis nations (Italy, Germany, Japan) rose to be a militaristic power, seeking world domination, each dominated by one man backed by a supporting gang. Each nation followed and ‘freely’ elected a leader. The steps taken by each of the Axis powers were almost identical to each other and remarkably similar to Obama’s tactics. Historically these tactics have been used for the 2,500 years of recorded Western history, WW II simply offers a clear, recent example.

The differences between Barrack Obama and Mussolini/Hitler/Tojo are enormous you might say. The Axis powers were seeking world domination through military conquest; Obama is seeking peace, disarming the military, removing all those terribly expensive weapons. Yes he is. America never has nor is now seeking world domination. Instead of maintaining the military strength, which has reassured our allies and kept all enemies at bay, we are stripping the armed forces of their most effective weapons and top commanders. This is an invitation for attack and invasion. None of our enemies will miss the signal. America is being fattened for the slaughter. And we will be.

The difference between Obama and the Axis powers is that Obama, front man for a gang of Chicago globalist grifters, is not defending America and fighting evil throughout the world; he is part of the Axis power. His ascent to the Presidency of the United States is a transparent tissue of lies ignored by a complicit media (Baa, Baa). He is a Trojan horse, destroying from within, as fast as he can, the strength and power of the greatest nation on earth. He must be removed from office.

Each Axis power in WWII, through the entirety of their existences, used propaganda incessantly to weaken resistance, isolate and marginalize opposition. They used civil unrest to escalate their ambitions. Then they created and initiated lies to justify their each and every move, to elevate their leader. Once each leader was ‘freely’ elected, the leader marginalized the political opposition, by vote if possible; otherwise, he simply imprisoned or murdered many opponents, intimidating the rest. The constitutional law making bodies gave up their power and rights to the leader – the Reichstag in Berlin, the House of Deputies in Rome, the Diet in Japan. Elected representatives became a collection of stooges, rubber stamps for the dictator. Next went free speech, free press, free assembly. Each of them eliminated free courts and trial by jury; party loyalists administered the law. Labor unions were abolished. The last remaining obstacles were the churches, so they went too. Finally children were removed from parental custody and taught that the state was the only religion, their leader the only god. All of these things have happened or are happening now in America. Like it or not, we are in it.

Educationally, children in all three Axis powers had a regimented, militaristic and highly disciplined school system. In America our children are indoctrinated with intellectual pabulum like ‘all things are relative’, ‘one thing is as good as another’, ‘one plus one equals two, if you want it to.’ Tell it to the train coming down the tracks.

American educational system

The American educational system has deteriorated to a level that it creates humans capable of comprehending only low level information; too many big words or actual facts are confusing. Since the major media specializes in low info news (sound bites) and ‘priority creation’ (i.e., what you should be concerned about), it follows that those politicos who are supported by major media will also be supported by many low info voters, a growing demographic with each graduating high school class. As low info graduates flood the marketplace businesses generally do not want them since they are not capable of doing much and have an entitlement mentality. Having been trained to read by perusing government press releases and forms, they are only qualified for a ‘government job’, none of which produce anything of value.

In Germany, from the mid 1930s to war’s end (1945) and led by the classroom teacher, here is what grade school children pledged allegiance to each morning, together, in unison:

Adolph Hitler is our savior, our hero
He is the noblest being in the whole wide world
For Hitler we live, For Hitler we die
Our Hitler is our lord who rules
A brave new world

As I was writing this article on Nov 25, I told my wife about this 1930s German morning schoolroom ritual and added, “I’m not going to mention it in the article as one of the steps that Hitler used to achieve power; it’s not going to happen here. It is too ridiculous.’ As reported the next day, even as I was saying this, Jamie Foxx was At Sunday’s Soul Train awards, calling president Obama “Our Lord and Savior” and was answered by a wildly cheering throng. There were no denials from the White House.

Obama will not have to take over the major media (baa, baa), just oust a few prickly commentators. The media did that by themselves, willingly. If not fully supporting his ideology of world conquest through destruction of the individual and the capitalist system, they say nothing against it. His plan is to do so by destroying capital itself then forcing the survivors of the ensuing civil chaos into submission.

America is dealing with a similar situation to the citizens of the Axis powers. Each of the steps taken by the Axis powers prior to and during WWII have been or are being taken by Obama and his minions. At this time the next step is the seizure of total dictatorial power. Given the nationwide distribution of munitions and battle vehicles over the past three years, martial law seems the likely ‘legal’ procedure. To declare martial law however requires a crisis, an epic disaster perhaps or maybe a lot of civil unrest by a citizenry with worthless currency, no jobs and no food. Germany and Italy both used civil unrest, specifically a worthless currency, to advance their anti-individual agenda.

We are being ‘led’, step by step, by a gang that indeed seeks world domination not by military strength and moral leadership but by leading, then forcing, a nation of free citizens into submission, ultimately to Sharia law with the ensuing enslavement of American citizens, reducing the nation to rubble and barbarism. The vestiges of free enterprise, achievement, responsibility, morality, after being vilified as the endless enemy, will disappear taking with it the hopes and dreams of Western Civilization.

‘Fiscal cliff’ and the necessity for chaos, necessary in order to declare martial law

This brings us to the ‘fiscal cliff’ and the necessity for chaos, necessary in order to declare martial law. The first attempt at civil chaos was made with the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) group. Though OWS received much media support (Baa, Baa), the ‘popular uprising’ failed to garner enough adherents to survive cold weather. Administration strategists picked up a few pointers and OWS2 has been trotted out and now waits in the wings for activation. It will be much easier to recruit the disaffected, hungry and unemployed with a few bucks, food and some ammo.

As to the ammo that has been passed out over the past couple years? That goes to the gang’s goon squads who will do the heavy lifting – breaking doors down, roughing people up ‘disappearing’ people - gangsta’ stuff. HHS and the IRS agents are distinct possibilities, maybe an entirely new agency – local law enforcement could go either way. You will be able to tell who the bad guys are because they will be issued snappy new uniforms, insignias, weapons and transport.

As of now America’s fate is sealed. Without changing the law and budget, America is locked into, by law (‘baseline budgeting’), spending at least a trillion dollars each and every year forever. Taxes don’t cover this bill, never will. Already borrowing has reached into our great grandchildren’s pockets. America’s Treasury Department can no longer find anyone to buy the bonds and fund this debt so, in the surest historical token of fiscal and moral deterioration, the Federal Reserve is buying virtually all of the American Treasury debt so that cash (ie, paper money) may be printed to pay for the bonds that the treasury is printing. In other words, America is printing paper money backed by nothing to buy paper backed by nothing. Borrowing has a finite but unknown limit for everyone and everything including the United States of America. The price of crossing that limit will be catastrophic – who will bail out America? Already our debt has been downgraded, another sure sign of a culture in decline as it demonstrates a lack of fiscal responsibility.

Obama has no intention of avoiding the fiscal cliff whether it comes of an instant or is reached by incessantly spending fiat dollars. It, or something like it, is necessary for the plan. The plan that destroys the value of the dollar thereby creating the necessary chaos that the Occupy ploy failed to do. Once ‘unrest’ has occurred, maybe with a little help from OWS2, martial law may be declared. Once dictatorial powers have been assumed, there will be no free elections. Whether the military will take orders from an illegal president to attack their own countrymen is problematical and will be resolved on the moment. Obama has been replacing the upper officer ranks with loyalists for some time and no doubt will continue to do so.

Obama and his gang of grifters need to be removed from office or there will be no America. I do not know what specific steps to take except to say, ‘If ever there were a place it is here; if ever there were a time it is now.’ Afterwards we must meet, reestablish a constitution, rearm and rebuild. And move education back to the fundamentals of Western Civilization. America is where the buck stops. Should we fail, when the Islamists come and they will, the first idol to go will be the Statue of Liberty.

E. K. Robinson


E. K. Robinson publishes niche magazines in the tourism field. An Eagle Scout, US Navy veteran and NYU graduate, his loves are freedom and history. He has spent the past 30 years studying the foundations of Western Civilization.

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