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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Bruce Walker
Bio: Bruce Walker
Date:  March 21, 2006
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Even more love letters from Leftists

Some time ago I wrote an article entitled “Love Letters from Leftists” and then another article latter entitled “More Love Letters from Leftists.” Normally when I receive incoherent and immature ravings from the Psychiatric Asylum for the Profoundly Leftist, I peruse these personal attacks and then perform electronic euthanasia.

Some time ago I wrote an article entitled “Love Letters from Leftists” and then another article latter entitled “More Love Letters from Leftists.”  Normally when I receive incoherent and immature ravings from the Psychiatric Asylum for the Profoundly Leftist, I peruse these personal attacks (actual discussion of facts, arguments, ideas and beliefs, of course, being the province of conservatives and other normal people) and then perform, as an act of mercy, electronic euthanasia.

But it has been a few years, times have changed (Iran, for example, may soon be able to murder tens of millions of God’s children in half an hour), and even those afflicted with Profound Leftism are capable of cure or remission at least compassionate care.  Though, I fear and worry that these people are not destined to the “Non-Smoking Section” of the eternal hereafter, sometimes I feel a duty to wander with my mind through Bedlam and look for hope.

My last article “Bring it Iran,” proposed a novel theme to Leftists:  defeat monstrous and dangerous evil before the monster grows too large and before the danger threatens civilization.  While I quite realize how minor these matters are to the Left compared with their grandest dreams:  placing each group of American in a ghetto,  mocking faith, murdering hope, seizing power rapaciously for malicious amusements of a cruel clique of indigenous and aspiring despots, still I did imagine that the thought of  dying in a radioactive glow before their dreams were fulfilled would transcend the madness of their hate.  Alas, I was wrong.

One of the many Leftists who responded to me email accused me of being the witless tool of Zionist imperialism.  Israel, as I recall, does not claim Iran as part of the promised land and if this Leftist read my article, it was clear that my compassion is at least as much for the inmates of Iran and the struggling democracies of Afghanistan and Iraq than for the more distant and self-reliant Israelis.  But sequential thinking is anathema to Leftists: it confuses them with reality.

Another Leftist wrote a long rambling epistle glorifying that paradise on Earth which is theocratic Iran without quite ever explaining why so many citizens of this paradise have risked their lives to leave Iran (just as millions risked their lives to leave Iraq, although they are now returning.) 

Some of the other shorter emails speak for themselves.  Their eloquence, insight and depth of cognition, I think, need little elaboration.  One Leftist wrote:  “Just another neocon scumbag.” I was proud that this inmate could place four words in order which formed the beginnings of a conscious thought, albeit not in a proper sentence or anything quite so demanding, but at least four remotely connected words.  He probably did not read my article, but such things are trifles to Leftists.

Another of these love letters reads, again, verbatim:  “I dont care much for your idiotic extremist rambling, just get yourself delisted from Google News so you stop disgracing freedom of speech.”  Without being too picky (“dont,” for example, is not a word but rather the struggling attempt at a contraction), I must marvel at the oxymoron sometimes called “liberal thinking.”  The First Amendment applies, except when it does not.  Diversity is important, except when it is not. Communication is important, but only when inmates of Leftists are babbling.

Here is the last email I will share, again, verbatim:  “You are a nut job. You should get your head examined.”  Like the other prior emails authors, this Leftist is a wordsmith -  How can describe the Leftists uses the tools and blessings of language without needless offense?  – whose skill in  English is different from what I encounter in the company of serious, normal, thoughtful and educated people.

Love letters from Leftists are as important to our war today on evil as the stirring films made by Hollywood during the Second World War were in that other war on evil.  These love letters remind us of why we fight today the stories and film of the Rape of Nanking, HaShoah, and the Bataan Death March, reminded us why we fought then.

Love letters from Leftists are a stark reminder that the willing embrace of evil, which is the lust of Leftism, leads along the endless and meandering banks of  rivers of venom and the consequence of from drinking from those rivers is terminal toxic soul-sickness which spreads like the a ghastly disease to corrupt, infect and decay the whole of its willing victims.

Bruce Walker

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Biography - Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990. He is a regular contributor to WebCommentary, Conservative Truth, American Daily, Enter Stage Right, Intellectual Conservative, NewsByUs and MenÕs News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.

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