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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Bruce Walker
Bio: Bruce Walker
Date:  November 27, 2006
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The Key to Total Victory is Total Victory

The way to win the peace in the Middle East and West Asia is to win the victory in the Middle East and West Asia.  Forget nation building.  Begin nation breaking.

The way to win the peace in the Middle East and West Asia is to win the victory in the Middle East and West Asia.  Forget nation building.  Begin nation breaking.  Forget Congress, which maintains that it did not declare war when it declared war (if we had a Congress sworn to protect and defend the Constitution and which was outraged by treason, that would be one thing, but we do not.)

Even forget democracy and freedom for people who have been raised for generations to despise the virtues of democracy and freedom over the joys of ethnic, regional and religious hegemony.  Understand the lesson never recognized or accepted in the last century:  European colonialism worked.  The imposition of superior cultural and moral values on peoples whose misfortune had of growing up in parts of the world that lack Judeo-Christian values is indispensable to help those people.

Diversity does not work.  The other world religions do not work.  Moslems and Hindu murder each other as they have for centuries.  Buddhist and Hindu in Tamil and Sri Lanka murder each other, even though both metaphysical systems are ostensibly non-violent and much less violent than Islam.  Two prime ministers of India were murder by Sikhs, another religion much less violent than Islam.  Nepal, the only nation in which Hinduism is the official religion, is torn with violence.

I am not trying to pick on India. Among those nations granted independence, India has been a great success story.  It has a functioning democracy, substantial political and civic freedom, a rapidly growing economy, a peaceful foreign policy and may well be the world’s next superpower.  The examples of continued violence in all parts of India are intended, rather, to give us an idea of the best that we can expect from nations not imbued with Judeo-Christian values.

Japan was compelled to adopt those values and was militarily crushed in a way that few great powers have ever been.  The American occupation of Japan was intended to create a tolerant, peaceful, democratic and prosperous society constructed around Judeo-Christian values, even if the majority of Japanese did not become Christians.  It worked.  Japan, alone among the non-Judeo-Christian nations, is a clear and positive force for peace and freedom in the world.

So what must we do in Near Asia?  First, we must militarily crush all regimes that are hostile to Judeo-Christian values and do so in such a way that no government which is hostile or which tolerates through government sponsored propaganda vile defamations of America, Israel, Jews or Christians will be allowed to survive.  What is required is nothing less than de-nazification (or its counterpart in the deconstruction of Emperor worship in Imperial Japan.)

Do we then need to stay and nation build?  Absolutely not!  What we need to do instead is nation break.  Iraq has never been a nation.  Syria has never been a nation.  Iran has never been a nation.  Pakistan has never been a nation.  All those, and other Asian and African nations as well, are empires – tiny empires, but empires to be sure.

What America needs to do is conquer and shatter Iran and Syria into smaller nations of their native peoples.  A free Kurdistan – Iran, Syria and Turkey each have large Kurdish populations – would be an excellent start.  Kurds are ethnically separate from Arabs or Iranians and there are Jewish, Christian, and Zoroastrian Kurds, as well as Moslem Kurds.  There is every reason to believe that a free Kurdistan would be a close and grateful friend of America.

Allow the Sunni to form a midget nation in Iraq, which would leave Iran ready to lurch in, but not if “Iran” ceased to exist as an empire.  Only half the people in the Empire of Iran are Iranian.  The rest are Azeri, Turkmen, Kurds, Arabs, Balochi and other ethnic groups.  These populations should be given to any existing nations like Azerbaijan and Turkistan or new nations created with American support.  The substantial Sunni minority in Iran could be freed from Shiite oppression.  The Shiite nation that would emerge out of southern Iraq would be Arab Shia of Iraq and a small part of Iran, all independent of the non-Arab Iranian nation of today.

What does all this accomplish?  Would this end civil strife?  Well, it would help a lot.  Allowing peoples to have their own nation, however small, reducing the reasons for civil wars.  Those peoples who fight among themselves even when reduced to an ethnically, religiously and linguistically homogenous population will prove no threat to us.  And they will prove no threat to their neighbors.  Why?

Because the second phase to this plan would be to deliberately favor with military aid, diplomatic support, money and projected air and naval power any nations on friendly terms with America and Israel and which did not tolerate propagation of horrific lies about those nations.  Again, a free Kurdistan is probably the best model of how this would work.  Astride Near Asia, a Kurdish nation of thirty million or so could be easily made into the regional superpower, if we wished.

What about democracy?  Ignore democracy.  Indoctrinated populations do not need democracy at once:  they need de-nazification.  What we must insist upon is that Western ideas are allowed to penetrate these nations.  We must allow that Christian missionaries and Israeli and American businesses be free to operate (and enrich) these peoples.  We must insist that terrorist activities be crushed by the existing government, with the understanding that if the government does not solve the problem, we will.

How far should this strategy go?  Iran and Syria, surely.  Turkey (the Kurdish part), probably.  Pakistan, possibly.  We should use this as well in Africa, or at least the threat of it, to those artificial nations which are miserable and in which Islam in on a brutal, violent march of conquest.  The world is largely run by tin pot dictators ruling several different peoples in a single tin pot imperial realm with a cynical Praetorian Guard.  If these soulless thugs know that their petty power depends upon our goodwill, and that we expect toleration of Judeo-Christian ideals peacefully in their empires, then they will always choose self-interest over any other interest.

Would this conquest of our enemies require a large occupying force?  Not at all.  It would require only that we divide artificial nations into small, natural countries with autocratic governments sympathetic to us and that we then use support and “divide and conquer” tactics to maintain power – always with the goal of allowing the peaceful penetration of Judeo-Christian values to transform societies and governments.

It worked in Japan.  It worked, to a large extent, in India.  It has worked in those African nations, like Ivory Coast, in which the core principles have taken root.  It is the only plan that will work.  Until the globe is safe for the peaceful propagation of Judeo-Christian values, there will be no peace.  Once those values have penetrated the lives of ordinary people everywhere, then there will be true peace, real democracy, general affluence and permanent hope.

Bruce Walker

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Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990. He is a regular contributor to WebCommentary, Conservative Truth, American Daily, Enter Stage Right, Intellectual Conservative, NewsByUs and MenÕs News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.

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