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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Bruce Walker
Bio: Bruce Walker
Date:  December 4, 2007
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I seem to have become a "Christo-fascist"
My recent articles defending Christianity in American Thinker drew lots of thanks...and lots of secret haters.

Nothing is more chic than attacking Christianity, and some readers of American Thinker seem to think that even an historical defense of Christianity cannot be allowed to stand (whatever the facts are.) My article "Christian Opposition to Nazi anti-Semitism" is a perfect case in point. Nameless critics have tried to link me to anti-Semitism (even though my wife is the child of Holocaust survivors.) The depth of Christophobia is breathtaking and suicidal. The fact that Christians alone opposed Nazis is too much for some Leftists to accept.

Two recent articles in American Thinker have earned me an unexpected honor: the Christophobic Left calls me a “Christo-fascist.” Why? My articles, grounded upon books I own and which were written in the 1930s and early 1940s, showed conclusively that: (1) Most Germans, before Hitler, had abandoned Christianity – which is why Hitler was able to gain power, (2) The Nazis loathed with particular passion Christianity, and (3) The only people in Germany who openly opposed the Nazi regime on moral grounds – when they could have been silent and lived – were devout Christians. Both articles were precisely referenced. I gave the names of the books, the dates of publication and the names of the authors. The virtue of old books is that they cannot lie. When I quote from a book in front of me now, Blackmail or War by Genevieve Tabouis, published by Penguin Books in 1938, and when I refer readers (as I do here now) to page 207, where Tabouis speaks of Catholic opposition to the Nazi regime, including mass protests in 1937 and where Tablouis writes “The Protestant opposition is equally staunch, in spite of wholesale arrests of clergy by the agents of the Gestapo,” honest critics can check see if those references are valid (I welcome that) but Tablouis wrote what she wrote, then that is an immutable historical fact – even if a critic believes in 2007 that what Tablouis wrote in 1938 was mistaken. Does this matter? In an age in which truth itself is considered by the Left to be “relative” and dishonesty is virtuous if it advances Leftism and befuddles the armies of decency, then possessing some bedrock of indisputable facts (i.e. that Tabouis did write those words in the fading yellow pages of an old book) is vital. When images, rather than words, are reality to an alarming number of people, then having a anchor to reality means much. It is not coincidental that serious Jews and Christians, the only true opponents of Leftism in our world, bind themselves in Torah and the Gospels: Serious Christians and Jews do not see truth as relative but absolute. Because of this proven integrity of immutable text in sorting through the muck and muddle of conflicting accusations, I cling to these old books to make the case. So it should matter to the perplexed that Edgar Mower on pages 242 and 243 of his 1938 book, Germany Puts the Clock Back, wrote that resistance to Nazis in Germany only came from Christians, only Christians, and not from universities or science or art or literature or radio or newspapers. I could cite dozens of other writers, but, alas, I fear the druids of Leftism would still smear me as a “Christo-fascist.” Citations from old books written by Tablouis and Mower and others who were sometimes Christians, sometimes Jewish, and sometimes irreligious ought to be welcome food for thought to those who care about thought. Sadly, thought is the enemy of Leftism, even those who read American Thinker, and hating Christians trumps every sentiment of honor, every interest in reality, and every care about thought. Hatred of Christianity is the only chic bigotry in the world today. The old vice of anti-Semitism, grimly, is acquiring a frightening cachet, and too few Jews realize that the defamation of Christians is a final prelude to defamation of Jews. To the atheist Left, defending Christianity – not on theological grounds, but on historical grounds – cannot be tolerated. Those who defend Christianity, even if that defense is lifted almost verbatim out of popular books written seventy years ago, must be slimed and must be silenced. So, when I construct an historical body of evidence, divorced from faith and grounded only in the words of others who wrote while the awfulness of Nazism was being watched with horror by the world, it does not matter – it cannot matter – that I am right. No Nazi, no Fascist and no sibling radical Leftist can accept sober research ahead of the imps of bigotry. The result is projection, and so I appear to have become that ahistorical figment, a “Christo-fascist.” Ignore the fact that all my writings have focused on defeating Nazis, Bolsheviks, Fascists and other radical Leftists. Ignore, even, the fact that “Fascists” were almost as hostile to Christianity as Nazis and, unsurprisingly, the only people in Fascist Italy who opposed Fascism on moral grounds were Christians. The lions must be fed with Christians, and when Christians are gone, the lions will feast on Jews.

Bruce Walker

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Biography - Bruce Walker

Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990. He is a regular contributor to WebCommentary, Conservative Truth, American Daily, Enter Stage Right, Intellectual Conservative, NewsByUs and MenÕs News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.

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