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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  April 21, 2006
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The War against US Border Security

It certainly comes as no surprise that Mexico’s President Vicente Fox is not in favor of any US-Mexico border protections. He has called such protections “shameless”. Fox and other Mexican presidents have been exporting their impoverished people and criminals to the United States for decades. Two of the “positive” things that these “exportations” have affected for Mexico are billions of dollars sent back to the illegal immigrants’ homeland of Mexico (the 2nd greatest annual income source for that country) and it has offered Mexican leaders a way out of being required to address the serious and growing problems in their own country.

No, Mexico’s export-our-problems policy and its war against US Border protection is not a shock. Neither are the efforts of many of those exports who are now actively and militantly claiming the United States really belongs to Mexico. Two of the militant-revolutionary Hispanic groups, MEChA (which states the US Southwest belongs to their members and should be called “Aztlan”) and the Mexica Movement (which claims that the entire North American continent belongs to it—and should be called the “Anahuac Nation”), are both demanding their “human rights” that include a “reconquista” (or reconquering) of the United States by and for Hispanics.

Note: I don’t remember any first “conquering”—do you?

Due to the relaxed or non-existent US-Mexico border policies, Mexico’s ambitions for the US are neither a surprise nor an unexpected consequence of the US government’s non-action. However, through this continuing debacle, an extraordinary revelation has emerged: US businesses who employ cheap illegal immigrant labor and US Senators who support them have placed said “cheap labor” above national security and the real rights of the US citizenry. And with the Marxist-inspired recent and continuing illegal immigrant marches (demanding “rights” that do not exist—under US law—for those entering our country illegally) “our” Senators (the ones we voted into office—remember?) are siding with the potential-illegals-voting-bloc instead of legal US citizen-voters. Now, THAT is the real bombshell.

In the midst of an environment that includes terrorists who have stated they will destroy us, by whatever means necessary, our elected officials are allowing them—along with any and all illegal entrants from South of the border—to come into our country at will. And they are also allowing illegals to stage massive demonstrations in and on our streets, joined by our leftist-indoctrinated children, to demand rights that don’t exist. Nobody tries to stop them. Our lawmakers and law-enforces ignore their illegal nature. Police have been told they cannot arrest the “protesting illegals”. Further, during the recent illegal immigrants’ demonstrations, Democrats have been caught registering the illegals to vote. US citizens are left with no representation—whatsoever.

Thus far, US lawmakers have refused to support and protect the US citizens and property owners who live along the US-Mexico border region. These citizens contacted the Minuteman Project for help. Chris Simcox, co-founder of the project, has offered his assistance in building a barrier to protect them from the hordes of illegals that cross their lands on a daily basis. Simcox advised, 20 April on Sean Hannity’s Radio program, that he has been “warned” by the US government against building any protective barrier. Some real, legitimate and crucial questions now come to mind. Why is the US government trying to stop the protection of its citizens? Why is the US government patently going against its responsibilities to protect the nation and its citizens (both native and naturalized) from foreign invasion? Are foreign invaders more important to “our” government than are its citizens?

As of this writing, the illegal aliens’ “National Strike Day” is still scheduled for 1 May—the traditional Communist “May Day”. And, as of this writing, a counter-action is still scheduled by US citizens for 5 May. Isn’t it time that we the people US citizens showed our clout, instead of ignoring the dissolution of our country? As just one US citizen, I say it is:

Sher Zieve

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