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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  July 31, 2006
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Only Terrorists Allowed to Wage War

In this brave new world of political correctness and human rights for Islamic terrorists who have vowed to destroy Western civilization and all who adhere to civilization in general, only terrorists are now being given the green light to wage war. The arguments (AKA excuses) for this insane line of thinking are few and tepid. But, they are apparently powerful enough for those who continue to maintain a hatred for the Western world and a love for the “poor oppressed terrorists” in our midst.

Almost as soon as the United States began populating Guantanamo prison with “the worst of the worst” terrorist fighters, pretend human rights groups (those dedicated to protecting their terrorist brethren) began their banshee wails of “No fair!” These are the same groups that continue to condemn the US is the “worst abuser of human rights in the world” (at best a patently false premise—at worst a continuing attempt to create an impotent United States), while ignoring real and violent human rights abuses in China, North Korea, Islamo-fascist run countries (where dissenters are hanged, shot and/or beheaded), Saddam Hussein, Osama bin-Laden, al-Zawahiri etc.

It is no secret that most of these “human rights” groups are sanctioned, if not funded, by the UN. It is, also, no secret that the UN is anti-US and blatantly anti-Israel. In its current war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, even with its holding back the full force of its military might, Israel appeared to be winning against the terrorists. Even before the Qana action, which is still unclear as to whether or not the carnage was caused by Israel or Hezbollah, the UN was calling for a ceasefire—a ceasefire apparently due to the fact that terrorist Hezbollah seemed to be heading for the proverbial ropes. The Israeli airstrikes against Hezbollah rocket launchers in the village of Qana resulted in over 50 women and children, located in an apartment building, being killed. But, it appears that no men were killed. Hmmm. Interestingly, this is a standard terrorist Hezbollah tactic. It removes the men (so that they can continue to fight with Hezbollah) and leaves women and children for “collateral damage”—to be used as a public relations’ ploy for the world press. It worked and continues to work to Hezbollah’s advantage. Hezbollah was and is not blamed—only its victims (in this case Israel) are. The leftist mainstream press drinks long and hard from the wine Hezbollah and other worldwide terrorist organizations provide to them and then proceeds to become drunk on it.

Iran and Syria are behind the current Hezbollah in Lebanon conflict. Their weaponry and advisors are being used by Hezbollah. However, with the exception of the US, Great Britain and Israel, the rest of the world ignores this palpable fact.

The second front that Israel is fighting, terrorist “Hamas in Palestine”, is also an Iranian proxy. It seems fairly obvious that both of these theatres of war were fomented by Iran, in order to divert attention from its nuclear weapons’ programs and to postpone some feckless UN sanctions against that country. This, too, has worked. On Monday the UN pushed off, yet again, its requirement that Iran comply with its resolution to stop its nuclear development program until the end of August. It’s doubtful that the UN will do anything then. Perhaps, it will push the date out even further, followed with a statement “you’re not playing fair, Iran, so we’ll stomp our feet even harder”?

The conflicts begun by both Hezbollah and Hamas started with invasions of Israel, the killing of Israeli soldiers, kidnappings of other Israeli soldiers—followed by immediate rocket launches (from both entities) into Israel. Certainly sounds coordinated to me. But, it is Israel who is condemned by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan for killing ostensible civilians in Qana. People die in war. That’s why the phrase “war is hell” came into being. But, when one’s country is attacked, there is only one option for survival—fight back. Israel, however, is being condemned for fighting back in any way that might actually destroy the terrorist organizations that started the conflict in the first place.

It is clear that the increasingly useless United Nations does not want terrorist organizations to be destroyed. It actually wants to send “diplomatic envoys” to “discuss the situation” with these terrorist bodies. And the UN expects, nee demands that the civilized world agree to its madness. The predominant reason the UN has used is that Israel is employing “disproportionate force” against the terrorists. Should Israel be throwing rocks at Hezbollah and Hamas? The UN apparently thinks so.

There is no disproportionate force in existence, when fighting for survival against enemies who have vowed to wipe you and your country from the map—as Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has commanded. There is no disproportionate force in existence, when fighting against enemies who purposefully target civilians. There is no disproportionate force that exists or that will ever exist, when people are fighting for their lives and the lives of their families and loved ones—against enemies who are hell-bent upon killing them. There are, also, few-to-no diplomatic channels that can be employed against pure and unadulterated evil; an evil that is determined to destroy you and your seed—forever. But, it seems that the UN and the leftist world press has a solution. In their ever-quickening attempts toward suicide, they have decided that the victims of violence should be hamstrung. And they have decreed that the Islamo-fascist perpetrators of said violence and avowed-genocide should be rewarded.

The bottom line? Only the terrorists should be allowed to fight. Yeah. That should do it!

Sher Zieve

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Biography - Sher Zieve

Sher Zieve is a long-time syndicated columnist who generally writes columns of a politically Conservative and Constitutional nature. She also interviews notable people with an interesting and/or newsworthy story to tell. These include politicians, writers, activists and others in the news. Her work has been and continues to be carried by both national and international publications. Sher appears regularly on national talk shows.

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