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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  October 15, 2006
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Oblivious to World Danger Democrats Play Politics

Once again showing their inability to recognize clear and present danger to the US, even when it hits them in the face, one of the Democrats’ feckless spokesmen opened his monotone mouth—again on Sunday. As North Korea looms in the forefront of increasingly insane 3rd world despotic states, Senator John Kerry (D-MA) has decided (along with his Democrat brethren) that this is another of his “just-the-right-times” to again bash President Bush and blame him for yet another Democrat failure.

Note: The original North Korea failure was, of course, due to the inept Clinton Administration’s understanding of the true meaning of the word “enemy”. Coupled with that administration’s inane belief “if you pay them off, they’ll leave us alone”, we have inherited a nuclear power that now seems hell-bent on using its arsenal. The clueless Clinton Administration staffers and devotees actually thought, and they have unmercifully voiced it to the American public, that Korean strongman leader Kim Jong Il wasn’t developing or working on nukes while Clinton was in power. WHEW! Talk about stretching the facts beyond their breaking point. Of course they were working on nukes!

However, John Kerry the-failed-2004-presidential-candidate is still smarting from that loss. Instead of any hope of the Democrats uniting with the American people on this latest potent danger to the country, he chooses to play politics. This is despite the fact that North Korea’s Kim Jong Il may actually follow through on his stated threat of launching missiles with nuclear warheads against the US. With more testing and corrections, there seems to be little doubt that these will eventually be effective weapons. But, John Kerry and his Democrat minions either don’t seem to care or don’t recognize the actual threat. Note: I suggest it is both.

Appearing on Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday, Kerry said of the current North Korean crisis: “Well, this is about North Korea, because the problem with Iraq is that it has diminished our hand and reduced our ability to be able to deal with Iran and North Korea. They are related.” I would add: All that the Democrats have ever offered is “negotiate—negotiate—negotiate”. Therefore, the fact that we’re in Iraq has nothing to do with his argument. Kerry went on to say: “One of the reasons that North Korea can misbehave the way it is today is because the United States has lost its leverage, lost its credibility and doesn't have the capacity to be able to bring countries together in the way that it used to. That's number one.” No, Senator. The reason North Korea is “misbehaving” is that your leader, William Jefferson Clinton, gave Kim Jong Il bribes. Therefore, he now expects the same sorts of bribes from President Bush. You and the other Democrats laid the foundation for this belief. You paid him off.

Kerry continued: “Number two, with respect to North Korea itself, you hit it on the head. This administration is tolerating. This administration is doing exactly what it said it wouldn't do, which is allowing North Korea to get away with what it's doing.” The Democrats are the ones who promote and beg for “diplomacy”—even when it has no chance of working. I don’t actually believe they’ve actually changed their minds. Do you?

Kerry droned on: “These sanctions are not the bold, tough sanctions that the secretary talked about. China walked out of there and said we voted for it, but we're not going to enforce the cross-border mechanism, it's too dangerous for our region.” The Democrats are the ones who consistently scream and yell about using the UN—exclusively—and not going it on our own. Now, of course, mouthpiece Kerry offers the pretense that the Democrat non-plan is no longer acceptable. So, are we left to assume that the next Democrat non existent plan will be? AARRGH! No wonder the Democrat Party is schizophrenic!

As the November elections move ever closer, the Democrats will continue to change their tune—contingent upon which song they believe has hit the top of the charts. But, currently, I advise that politics should—at the very least take second place to our ultimate survival. What do you think? Please remember to vote wisely next month. It may ultimately, and perhaps literally, mean the difference between life—and death.

Sher Zieve

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