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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 15, 2007
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Now Official: Mexico Running US Immigration Policy

It has now become official. Mexico (if not other south of the border countries) is now running US immigration policy. During President Bush’s meetings in Mexico, this week, he was chastised by Mexican President Felipe Calderon for not pushing “immigration reform” (AKA “amnesty” or “open border”—take your pick) for illegal Mexican national entering the USA. Calderon continued to blast Bush on US plans to build a border fence and any other methods to curb the continued illegal aliens’ immigration from Mexico into the United States. Instead, Calderon said that improving the economic conditions of Mexico “is the only way in order to truly solve the migratory issue.” Note: Mexico’s leaders have done little to nothing to improve that country’s “economic conditions” for decades. The illegal immigration from Mexico has been ongoing since long before President Ronald Reagan was POTUS in the 1980s.

Instead, from the US side of the equation, the border fence bill (which was passed by both US Congressional houses in 2006) is now in jeopardy of ever being implemented. DHS Chief Michael Chertoff recently said that US Border officials advised that the building of the fence ‘may be unnecessary’. One has to wonder if any coercion was used in order to gain this concession from the USBP. Don’t forget that this is the same DHS whose Inspector General Richard Skinner admitted to Congress that he and his staff had lied about Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean, in its provision of faked “evidence” to prosecutor Johnny Sutton—in order to gain convictions against those who were doing their jobs by daring to attempt to quell illegal immigration and to stop admitted drug smuggler Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila. The current administration still remains silent on this revelation, Ramos and Compean remain in prison and there has been no indication of even a consideration of presidential pardon.

For his steadfastness in prosecuting a war against Islamo-fascism, against the statements of Democrat and RINO “leaders”, who are now even condemning the usage of the words “evil” and “victory”, I commend President Bush. I also commend him on the strong economy that his administration has produced for the country. However, the illegal immigration (which includes illegal Mexican nationals, armed drug smugglers and OTMs—other than Mexican terrorists) essentially open borders policy has as great an opportunity of bringing the US to its knees as does a nuclear bomb fired from a foreign country. We taxpayers are expected to fund illegals who receive free healthcare—while it is demanded that we pay for it. US citizens, however, must pay for our own. The open borders policy has allowed the multi-national Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) Central American gang to both enter the US and take over major portions of multiple US cities. Although Mexican President Calderon said Wednesday “I have family in the United States, and what I can say is that they are people who work and respect the country, people who pay taxes to your government, people who harvest the vegetables you probably eat, people who serve food in restaurants, people who contribute to the prosperity of the United States”, their drain upon US services far outweighs any contributions to the country. But, President Bush seemed to agree with Calderon, when he commented: “If we have immigration reform, it will make it less likely that somebody will feel like they have to sneak across the border and therefore, take pressure off the border.” Note: By any other name, this “immigration reform” means amnesty and increased illegal immigration across our southern border areas.

In addition to promising the Mexican people that he would push for immigration reform (amnesty) he also promised the Guatemalan people (and one must assume all Central, Latin and South American countries) the same thing. With President Bush’s recent promises to those south-of-our borders, the real question is what promises does he give to citizens of the United States. The clear answer strongly appears to be US open borders and the additional onslaughts of illegal aliens.

Sher Zieve

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