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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  May 18, 2007
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Senate Placing USA One Step Closer to Oblivion

Today, US senators are proud of themselves—very proud. They have affected something that the vast majority of legal voters in the United States didn’t want and have warned their representatives against. But, these senators are the US’ ruling elite—and what they want is all that really matters. And, they want the illegal immigrant vote. So these same senators have come to what they are calling a “bi-partisan agreement” on the revised McCain-Kennedy bill that—make no mistake—provides amnesty for the 12 million+ illegals already in the US and encourages more to continue their entry across our nevermore-to-be-protected southern border. The senate amnesty bill provides immediate legal status to the millions of illegal aliens in our country—placing them above current US law as well as ahead of immigrants seeking legal immigration. In other words, the US Senate is telling us that breaking US law has both tremendous appeal to current and potential lawbreakers and provides exceptional rewards to criminals. President Bush, who despite protests to the contrary strongly appears to favor the illegals’ entry to the US, applauded the senate bill and said it provides a solution “without amnesty but, without animosity.” Of course it’s amnesty! The definition of amnesty is “the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals.” The immediate granting of legal status for illegal immigrants IS amnesty and, if the United States follows its own historical actions, any and all fines and stipulations will be removed or forgiven as immediately as legal status is given to the interlopers. And, please do not forget that—if passed—this amnesty bill will also allow terrorists to continue their free entry into the US. All they have to do is fill out a form. If a cursory criminal background check does not provide any immediate results, the illegals will immediately be given ‘probationary legal status’ to be in the USA and then be sent on their way to do that which they will.

The Senate Amnesty Bill, which was drafted behind closed doors in secret sessions, also ostensibly provides “pen-service” (as opposed to sham lip-service) for construction of our southern border’s fencing (previously allocated funds which are under consideration of being rerouted to Democrats’ pet projects) and the hiring of new US Border Patrol Agents. This bill has all of the earmarks of being shoved down the throats of US citizens, despite said citizens voiced and faxed disapprovals. But, Stalinism has been resurrected and its most recent adherents are located in Washington, DC. As only one example, the newly proposed Democrat anti-free speech Waxman-Davis bill (HR 984) would silence American citizens—once and for all—from complaining to their federal elected officials.

Note: Unless current Mexican drug lords or their assisting Mexican military officers are hired for the USBP, one must doubt that US citizens would even consider taking these jobs. Drug dealers illegally crossing our southern border are already given amnesty-from-prosecution by the US government for testifying against USBP Agents. Then, this same US government sends USBP agents to jail for doing their jobs. Something is terminally wrong with this backwards-by-design US prosecutorial group and its actions. Criminals are coddled by it and law enforcers go to prison. It strongly appears that, as with our own federal legislative branch of government, US prosecutors (with special attention given to Prosecutor Johnny Sutton) have decided criminals are more important than law-abiding US citizens and “If you can’t lick ‘em—join ‘em!” The plans for the complete destruction of the USA as a sovereign nation may soon become law. The globalists and no-borders crowds, which include the North American Union and members from all three branches of US government, are either literally or figuratively on the march with their protesting brethren; illegal brethren who are now complaining about the Senate Amnesty Bill.

These complaints and the ingratitude of the illegal “guests” within our country are being voiced by many who are now protesting the proposed senate bill—because it doesn’t go far enough for their tastes. Some are belligerently saying that they shouldn’t have to pay any fines, they should be able to come and go as they please over the US-Mexico border and they should also be allowed to bring as many of their relatives as they wish into the US. The illegals also claim that all of these comprise their “constitutional rights.” This attitude is reflective of our lawmakers’ increasing penchant for illegals and growing disdain for legal American citizens. Illegals mean everything to our elected officials and US citizens have become pond scum. Logic and reason have been turned upside down and thrown out the window, while irrationality and chaos have become the new arbiters of legal considerations. If not already there, the “hard working” illegal criminal drug gangs and Islamic terrorists—who are committing the crimes and acts of terror US citizens won’t—may soon be living next door to you. Arguably the most dangerous drug gang in the Western hemisphere—MS 13—continues to freely enter the US via its southern border. Amongst thousands of other OTMs (other than Mexicans), three of the Islamist Fort Dix Six are said to have illegally entered the US via the US-Mexico border. But our globalist lawmakers no longer care. This is no longer your father’s United States of America. And, if we allow our lawmakers to get away with their current pro-illegals legislation, it will soon no longer be our USA either. Again, call or email your lawmakers and give them your opinion and warning. If you don’t, be prepared to formally kiss your country goodbye.

Sher Zieve

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Sher Zieve is a long-time syndicated columnist who generally writes columns of a politically Conservative and Constitutional nature. She also interviews notable people with an interesting and/or newsworthy story to tell. These include politicians, writers, activists and others in the news. Her work has been and continues to be carried by both national and international publications. Sher appears regularly on national talk shows.

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