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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  June 9, 2007
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Senate Supporters Still Vow to Push Amnesty Bill Through

On Friday, globalist and pro-illegal immigrants US senators were still licking their wounds over having to acquiesce to the demands of the American people. Despite the outcry of US citizens against the illegal immigration bill that was patently racist and promoted blanket amnesty for all illegals—including terrorists and criminals—many US senators are now vowing to push a new amnesty bill down the throats of the American public by July. Contrary to the will of US citizens, the National Council of La Raza (“the race”)—the racist organization that was heavily (and initially secretly) involved in the provision of input for the drafting of the now-failed amnesty-for-illegals bill—is furious that US senators did not ram the bill through.

Note: La Raza is also at the forefront of the “Reconquista Movement”—the ‘reconquering’ of the US for Mexico and its ‘indigenous people’. La Raza has also been linked to the funding of separatist schools, including the highly controversial and revolutionary Academia Semillas del Pueblo.

La Raza and other racist groups are now having a heavy influence on US lawmakers. And, this time it’s not just the usual Democrat suspects. Democrats have a long and rich history of identifying “victim classes” within society. They then appeal to said victims and promise them vast amounts of money if they 1. Vote Democrat and 2. Agree to maintain their victim and sub-standard class status. The DNC has helped to elect and even given leadership positions to members of these groups—as long as said members continue to keep their “communities” suppressed. For multiple decades, this process—which includes the near-absolute vilification of all dissenters—has worked extremely well for Democrats. But, proving once again that power [or the hopes thereof] corrupts, now Republicans have actively joined the “vote-for-me-and-I’ll-give-you-whatever-you-want” Democrat throngs.

Operating under the anti-sovereignty position of “foreign invaders are really good for the USA”, an increasing number of RINO (Republican in Name Only) politicians have thrown their voter bases under the bus in favor of these new illegal foreign invaders. Or are they only undocumented foreign invaders? The new amnesty bill—still supported by the power hungry Democrats and RINOs—is still being pushed. These “I deserve to be rich and powerful and the hell with the unwashed masses” politicos will not let Amnesty go, folks. The fact that this new illegals’ voting bloc will not vote Republican has apparently escaped the reasoning portion of the RINO mind. Instead, former pretender to conservative stances Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said of the recently twice-defeated Senate Amnesty Bill: “We're inside the 10-yard line and we've got four downs, and I like our chances!” Graham, who is joined by illegal alien support organizations and Democrat leaders, also threatened to bring the ‘Invasion and Amnesty USA’ bill back to the Senate floor before the 4th of July recess. Showing his anti-USA and globalist stripes, Graham also said at the La Raza Capital Awards: “An American is an idea. No group owns being an American. Nobody owns this!” In other words, if Graham’s assertion that being an American is only a philosophical speculation, there is no such thing as American or US citizenship, anyway. Therefore, it follows that there can be no America or USA. At the same racist Awards banquet, Graham added: “We are going to tell the bigots to shut up, and we are going to get this right!” By get this right, Graham meant amnesty and by bigots, he means all those who oppose the invasion. But with Graham’s apparent belief that the USA is only an idea and doesn’t really exist as a country, invasion isn’t possible. How can one invade a non-country?

By the way, at this La Raza Awards ceremony Graham was given an award by the xenophobic group. Does anyone know if La Raza has also donated to Graham’s continuing campaign fund and, if so, how much? Is Senator Graham working to become the La Raza version of David Duke? Just curious. The difference between Duke’s KKK and La Raza is that the leftist media support the bigoted—but “politically correct”—organization La Raza. However, Sen. Graham was not the only Republican working to garner the Spanish-speaking vote. Also included in the pro-Amnesty voters are RINO Senators Hagel (NE), Lugar (IN), Martinez (FL), McCain (AZ), Specter (PA) and Voinovich (OH). This group comprises the usual defectors to the Democrat positions. But, Sen. Graham is characteristic of many others who have gone before him. Lindsey wants to be invited to liberal parties, desires the receipt of publicized awards and needs the mainstream media to write positive pieces about him. So, as other Republicans before him have done, Lindsey has become a both a liberal and a globalist.

The expressed concern is that the Kennedy-McCain-Graham et al Amnesty Bill has an opportunity for revival. And don’t forget that until the New Media became involved in the story the particulars of this ill-conceived proposal were being kept secret and behind the closed doors of a Senate committee room. Keep watching them. These same senators may try the same covert tactics on we-the-people again. Remember Graham’s and I suspect others’ attitude toward US citizens: “An American is [just] an idea.”

If Graham and other US politicians can force the adoption of the attitude “US citizenship is just a figment of someone’s imagination”, maybe the “Amnesty Invasion USA Bill” will no longer be necessary. It happened with political correctness. Chilling, isn’t it?

Sher Zieve

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Sher Zieve is a long-time syndicated columnist who generally writes columns of a politically Conservative and Constitutional nature. She also interviews notable people with an interesting and/or newsworthy story to tell. These include politicians, writers, activists and others in the news. Her work has been and continues to be carried by both national and international publications. Sher appears regularly on national talk shows.

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