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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  October 10, 2008
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Democrat Official Joins Pro-Obama Voter Fraud

A federal judge has found Democrat and pro-Obama Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner guilty of violating Ohio election laws. ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) voter fraud is running rampant in Ohio and Brunner has tried to stop any and all investigations into said fraud. Note: ACORN has previously confessed to Ohio’s Cuyahoga County Board of Elections that they know they are committing fraud and blamed the election board for not catching them!

Even as ACORN is, currently, being actively investigated in between 10-15 states (the numbers seem to increase every day), Brunner has been instrumental in attempting to block any checking of ACORN’s bogus registrations. And there are increasingly persistent rumors that Democrat leadership is affecting anything and everything—including rigging the presidential elections nationwide—in order that their candidate Barack Obama is elected. This latest Brunner corruption would tend to prove the rumors correct or, at the very least, lend a great deal of additional credibility to them. Congressional Democrats have even submitted (and continue to submit) multiple bills—at least one of which was passed—to fund ACORN with millions of dollars. Note: This is the same ACORN that strong arms banks to provide mortgages to low-income borrowers. How do they mold their strong arm tactics? They protest outside of the targeted banks, in their lobbies, protest at the homes of bank officials and have even broken into their private offices. Remember that Obama was ACORN’s original “trainer.”

Brunner joins the ever-growing list of Democrat officials who are ignoring the law and attempting to intimidate voters into voting for Obama. That list includes—but is not limited to—Democrat St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch and Democrat St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce who were caught on video saying they were part of the Obama “Truth Squad” and would prosecute anyone telling what they and the Obama campaign considered to be lies about their candidate. Pennsylvania Democrats Governor Ed Rendell, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl and former Democrat Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack have joined in forming additional ‘chapters’ of the Obama Truth Squads.

Dire Note: Said “truth squads” are eerily reminiscent of at least two other tyrannical leaders who plied their trades in both Germany and Russia.

Obama is also disallowing any anti-Obama signs at university rallies—most recently at Virginia’s University of Mary Washington. In other words, no more free speech with an Obama administration. This goes way beyond Socialism (did you know Obama was a member of the Democrat Socialist New Party in the 1990s?) and takes us directly into a Communistic-Stalinist regime. So, Obama may just win the election for POTUS via concentrated Democrat aided and abetted voter fraud –they have already been instrumental in destroying the US if not the world economy.

All that is required to find out about this man Obama is some searching. It simply requires a little work. Some of his corruptions have been scrubbed from the internet but, some of the previously “missing articles”—see below—have been recovered.

Barack Obama is the most dangerous and frightening presidential candidate in US history. If he commandeers the presidency of the United States, we will have no way to vote him out at the next election. His voter fraud group ACORN will have additional millions of dollars allocated to it and there will never again be honest elections in the USA and no doubt his “Truth Squads” will have become an Obama law enforcement agency. He has already shown us with his current truth squads and University appearances that any and all opposition-to-him (IE free speech) will be banned.

All anyone has to do is open their eyes and ears to what this man says and—then—what he actually does. We are in the most hazardous time in our country’s history. If we do not choose to fight the looming betrayal and oppression we will die. It is what it is.

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Missing articles recovered:

Sher Zieve

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