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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  October 16, 2008
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Pro-Obama Ohio Secretary of State Refuses to Stop Voter Fraud

To be filed under “suspicions confirmed,” patently partisan-for-Obama supporter Democrat Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer “I-never-met-an-ACORN-worker-I-didn’t-like” Brunner has stomped her feet and decided that she should not be required to do her job; that of protecting Ohio voters from election fraud. She has also decided that she will elicit help from the US Supreme Court in upholding her desire. There are over 200,000 already identified flawed and fraudulent new registrations, which Brunner has not only personally refused to check but, has advised local registrars that they may not check, either. These are voter registrations that Brunner has admitted she has been “hiding” from local election boards. And whence did these registrations come? You got it—ACORN! Note: With this admission, one can only surmise that the 200,000 registrations were given to Brunner directly by ACORN. Brunner and Obama’s other adherents are now actively working to subvert the US democracy. Of course ACORN is also the group that—despite his attempts to hoodwink the public into believing otherwise—Democrat presidential candidate Obama has worked with and heavily funded for years and the group that is currently under federal investigation for voter fraud in between 12-15 states.

In its 232 year history, the United States of America has never been so assaulted by those who would destroy it than has occurred recently. And these enemies of the USA are her enemies from within. Elected Democrat officials are refusing to stop voter fraud, because—as it is fraud committed for their candidate—they support it. Democrat elected officials Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama and his organization ACORN have been directly tied to the current world financial crisis. This occurred via the Democrats’ personal slush funds Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their constant intimidation and threats directed towards banks to make bad loans to people who could not afford to buy homes.

Obama “truth squads” headed up in Missouri by pro-Obama prosecutors and police offices (in Pennsylvania the Democrat Governor has admitted to forming Obama “truth squads) have been video-taped intimidating voters into saying nothing negative against their candidate under threat of prosecution. Now we have Obama and his Democrat disciples advising us that they will begin the dismantling of the US Republic even before their messiah takes office and begin its transformation into a Communist state that threatens anyone who disagrees with them. They are even calling the recently “celebratized” Joe Wurzelbacher (AKA “Joe the Plumber”)—who asked Obama if his tax plan wouldn’t increase taxes on small businesses and decrease the ability to hire people—a racist and are threatening to check into his real financial worth. This because he dared to ask the Democrat secular messiah a question!

Folks, if we still can’t see and hear the complete oppression that’s careening down the road towards all of us—except the liberal ruling elite—we will be hit and killed by it. Never in our history have we had such an anti-American and patently Stalinistic presidential candidate as Barack Obama and never before has our country been in such clear and present danger. If you want to survive, the vote you need to cast is obvious.

6th Circuit issue TRO against Brunner:

Brunner files appeal to SCOTUS:

2000,000 Ohio voting registrations in doubt:


Beating up Joe the Plumber:

Sher Zieve

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