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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  November 2, 2008
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Obama Says Not Being a Communist is Selfish

During the waning days of the US presidential campaign, Barack Obama is feeling confident enough of his chances that he—at a recent rally—didn’t dispute his being a Socialist. Obama was even a member of the New Democratic Socialist Party in the 1990s. Perhaps he will at some point even admit that his true intention for the USA is Soviet-style Communism. That, of course, will be after he is elected POTUS—largely due to his voter fraud strategic unit ACORN—and when it is too late for the all-too-many gullible American people to do anything about it.

During the aforementioned rally Obama said that his dastardly opposition had called him and his “spread the wealth” programs Socialistic, then added that in doing so these same opponents—McCain and Palin—had “made a virtue out of selfishness.” With that he has said that Americans who do not agree with his Socialist (actually Communist) policies of theft-by-politicians are selfish. One can only surmise that—considering his recent and ongoing investigations of both “Joe the Plumber” and media member Barbara West—that anyone who complains about Obama’s theft of their money will be intimidated and investigated to the proverbial “Nth” degree. After that, will there be prosecutions and possibly jail time—or worse? Looks like it. We already know that his prosecutorial “truth squads” are in effect in Missouri and at least one announced additional chapter exists in Pennsylvania under the auspices and rulings of Democrat Governor Ed Rendell.

Obama’s “Truth Squads,” his suppression of the media who ask either Obama or his VP candidate Biden uncomfortable questions, his banning media outlets who support McCain and his [already] directing Democrat-run states to investigate “Joe the Plumbers” who ask the secular messiah and/or his vice-prophet Biden questions that cause either of them to tell the truth gives us a clear picture of what Obama’s regime and ruling decrees will entail.

An Obama presidency means free speech—including that which asks unapproved questions of Democrat candidates is out, gone, ended—kaput! He will redistribute your money—he has said so on multiple occasions including an NPR interview—to those he considers to be more deserving than you. Note: One can deduce—as this is true Soviet-style Communism and Chicago-thug politics—that the recipients of this redistribution will include Obama and his cronies. Obama has expressed disdain for the US Constitution and has already advised that he wants a new” Bill of Rights that is not as ‘restrictive’ to the government’s treatment of its citizens.

The above assertions have been well-documented as fact and it’s time for some stark reality, folks. I’ve said it before but, it bears repeating. If you want the country to devolve into a Stalinistic government—that creates a permanent cabinet post for the Obama voter fraud unit ACORN (so that he will NOT ever be voted out)—vote for Barack Hussein Obama. If you want the USA to continue as a free Republic, vote Tuesday for John Sidney McCain. Remember, once a dictator seizes power, all bets are off. Any of the additional safeguards the founders incorporated into our US Constitution are moot if the ruling power chooses neither to follow nor to continue them. This country’s Constitution can be ended with the stroke of a presidential pen and the Democrat power elite agreeing.

Democrats Pelosi, Reid and Waxman have already told us that they will be redeploying the “fairness doctrine” in order to get rid of talk radio and conservatives—to end broadcast opposition to Democrats once and for all. Print media—whatever opposition still exists—will be next on their list. And with all 3 branches of government in their back pockets, they can and will finally destroy the country and set themselves up for never-ending and increasing power. The US Supreme Court’s passing laws that agree with Marxism are only one associate justice’s resignation away. Democracies can only last and be strong so long as people of good will and faith allow them to exist. Once those with opposite inclinations and intentions assume the reins of power, democratic republics end. Democracies—with not enough willing to protect them—die.

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Sher Zieve

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