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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  February 8, 2009
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Lack of Respect for GL Obama Grows

As GL (“great leader”) Obama again announces—via Vice GL Biden—that he plans to genuflect before Iranian leaders (he is practically begging them to meet with him and has already announced his desire to “partner” with Islam), at least a few leaders and members of the world’s press are beginning to publicly wonder if he’s up to the task of POTUS. Obama recently said that he will do away with the term “war on terror.” One must assume that he also plans to do away with the term “terrorists.” But, his would-be pals are not certain they want to accept his supplicant overtures. Instead, Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani criticized Obama for not siding with the Palestinians in the recent Hamas-induced resussitation of the Palestinian-Israel border war.

Is Obama now announcing that he will abandon Israel and force the USA to join the Islamic world caliphate? Obama’s ally-in-ideology Fidel Castro recently criticized the US Great Leader. And, to top it off, Uber-liberal maven columnist Maureen Dowd even offered a mild criticism of Obama (which was met by the far-Left with explosive hisses and obscenities directed at her). Yikes! Except for the far-far-far Left, is Obama’s messiah complex also in jeopardy?

Amazingly—considering Cuba’s horrific financial position—Fidel criticized Obama’s handling of the US’ economic crisis. Note: This may be the only thing upon which real American agree with the Communist leader.

Doesn’t Castro realize that Obama wants to join him and Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in nationalizing everything and bleeding the US dry? Wait! Maybe that’s it! Castro may be afraid Cuba won’t get a piece of the action. Perhaps Fidel is concerned that Obama and his sticky-fingered (AKA glutinous) Democrat-run Congress will grab all of the US’ financial goodies before any of the other world thugs have a chance to participate in the feeding frenzy known Obama’s “stimulus package”—more accurately known as “porkulus.” Maybe Fidel is angry because he wasn’t invited to the barbeque.

Since he took the office of president of the United States, Obama has lived up to the nightmare that many of us knew he would. His stimulus package is geared to help only Obama and his minions. The $4B+ for Obama’s voter-fraud organization that was initially included in the trillion dollar package is still there! Obama will stimulate none but his adherents and those he has to pay off for getting him the US presidency—by hook and by crook. He has also called for the US Census Bureau to report to the White House. This means that he and the Democrats will Gerrymander voter districts country-wide, so that there is virtually no chance that Democrats will ever again lose an election.

Yes, folks, change has truly come to the USA. Unfortunately, it is in the form of the most intense and overt corruption that has ever manifested itself in Washington D.C. And in a city that probably sees more sleaze in a year than most of us see in a lifetime, that’s says it all. And the secular messiah is losing his glow.

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Sher Zieve

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