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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 3, 2009
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Confused by Obama’s Planned Obliteration of USA?

Fearless Leader Obama is on a purposeful and unapologetic mission to destroy the United States of America. I have written myriad articles on this subject—both before and after the election of Barack Hussein Obama to POTUS (a position for which he still appears to be Constitutionally unqualified)—which are backed up by almost voluminous references. Prior to the 2008 general election, I even asked “Is the USA Ready for an American Stalin?” Chillingly, the answer appears to be ‘yes’. Since Obama and his followers seized the country’s executive branch, the USA has been up against a non-stop attack from within its now almost non existent borders. Obama has replaced the establishment of our God given freedoms and liberties, brought to the fore by our founding fathers, with single-minded siege mentality and actions. Yet, too many Republican leaders still appear to remain oblivious as to what this man and his minions are really doing. Either that or they’re too afraid of him to speak out.

Obama has been summarily—and by design—stripping the USA and the American people of its and their money. This is being accomplished via the inappropriately named “Stimulus Bills.” The first of these bills was almost $800B. The second “stimulus bill” was passed with little to no reporting by Obama’s bought and paid for mainstream press and is in the neighborhood of $500B. Who knows what the third one will bring? With regards to Obama’s obliteration of the USA’s wealth, Ben Stein appearing on Fox News over last weekend said he was confused. Ben can’t be serious.

Obama and his adherents’ want nothing less than to pilfer all of the assets of the USA—which they are now effectively accomplishing—and to strike down any existing freedoms in the country. With reference to their destruction of the First and Second Amendments, their assault on the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights is well underway—and has been since Obama’s POTUS campaign. He has already shown us his disdain for anyone who asks him penetrating questions and his proclivity toward shutting them up and denying them free speech. However, with regards to the Second Amendment, Obama’s US Attorney General Eric Holder is now working to not only create almost unlimited regulations to gun ownership but, to make it so expensive that no one—except the Obama Secret Police—will be able to afford them. Holder is also attempting to force ammunition manufacturers into placing an identification number on each and every bullet.

Note: Of course, due to insanely prohibitive costs, this would effectively destroy the industry; for all, that is, except those selected by Obama.

Obama has ordered that the Guantanamo Bay Islamist prisoners be released and there is a very good chance that many of them will end up on US soil—ready to fight we ‘infidels’ at home. And, as we’ll have no guns with which to defend ourselves, the results seem patently obvious.

During his campaign, Obama announced that he wanted to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the US. He is in the process of setting up the means by which to affect said reduction. And while Obama announced that he will raise taxes (Donald Trump warns: “taxes will be raised very substantially for a lot of people, and a lot of people creating jobs.”) and take over everything in the American system (so that he can decide who succeeds and who fails), today it was discovered that Obama has advised Russia that he intends to do away with the Eastern Europe missile defense system. What a way to create a Depression and kill any chance of the USA and its inhabitants having any way—whatsoever—of defending themselves. Still think Obama isn’t out to destroy the country? Still think he’s naïve and doesn’t know what he’s doing? To those who voted for him and whose brains have begun to function again the answer to both questions should be a resounding “NO!” The rest of us have already seen him for what he is.

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Sher Zieve

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