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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 7, 2009
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Obama White House: Extravagance, Secrecy and Enemies Lists

It has long been rumored about ancient Rome that, at gala dinner parties, wealthy patricians used to vomit between food courses in order to make room for more. This practice, considered to be the epitome of gluttony, appears to have traveled for centuries and may have now arrived at Barack Hussein Obama’s White House. Although rumors of newly installed White House vomit rooms have not been substantiated, one can surmise. While Obama does nothing practical to stop the economic bleeding of the American system and its people, he has now established Wednesdays as his weekly revelry day—replete with cocktail parties, well known entertainers to amuse both Mr. and Mrs. Obama and their guests and dinners consisting of the best in imported fare—including multi-course dinners and $100/lb steaks. These are what are left of our tax dollars at work.

Note: In Roman Emperor Nero’s time, it was said that Nero set a massive fire in order to blame Christians “fiddled while Rome burned.” We presume Obama brought his own harp to the WH. However, it’s entirely possible that We-the-People paid for this musical instrument too.

With their actions, the Obamas seems to be parroting the words of the oft—if questionably—quoted Marie Antoinette who purportedly said satirically of the French starving masses: “If they have no bread to eat, let them eat cake!” Evidence that Obama and his comrades created the current financial crisis—which quickly expanded to include the world—in order to grab almost unlimited and absolute power to force tyranny onto US citizens seems to now be a fait accompli.

The people in the United States of America have been and are continuing to be summarily and purposefully ruined by a group of elected officials who report to Fearless Leader Barack Hussein Obama. In the meantime, this same Obama is lavishly wining and dining himself, his family and friends at least once a week. Obama drags CEOs of failing companies over hot coals in front of endless investigating committees (committees comprised of those who actually created the economic disaster) while Joe Biden and his union boss cronies enjoy $400+/night hotel rooms, sumptuous meals and other accouterments at Florida’s Fountainbleau Hotel and Resort. This is yet another example of Obama’s directive ‘Do as I say—not as I and my buddies do’. With regards to the almost instantaneous robbery of the US’ wealth under the ongoing guise of “stimulus packages,” Obama had previously promised that ALL ‘stimulus bills’ would be published online—for the people to read—4-5 days before they were acted upon. Didn’t happen. Instead, under cover of darkness he and his minions hastily pushed them through—with no time for most legislators to even read them—and the new administration was able to quickly place the USA into an increasingly impoverished condition. Is this the first of the Obama “changes,” to wit he is effectively filching all of the American people’s money in order to bring them to their knees—in submission before their despotic ruler?

Then we have Obama’s promise of transparency. However, instead he is actually conducting in-secret meetings with unions—in order to remove the Secret Ballot from union members. This is being affected under the false name of the “Employee Free Choice Act.” But, as union members’ votes will no longer be in secret, it is neither free nor a choice. Only unions’ intimidation of their workers is now allowed.

Note: Changing the meanings of words to reflect just their opposite is a method used throughout the ages by dictators and tyrants—to confuse and then gain additional power over the masses.

Apparently, Obama doesn’t want the American people to know what was actually said at the meeting. With the exception of two Obama-sycophant print reporters, the press was not allowed at the recent meeting. One has to wonder if these reporters’ writings were sanitized—or otherwise altered—by Obama personnel before they reached their ultimate destination. So much for Obama’s “transparency” and his second “change” promise.

And last for today is—joining Speaker Pelosi (AKA the New Madame DeFarge)—Obama’s growing enemies list. Note: Republican President Richard Nixon was demonized by the press—and rightly so—for his enemies list. But, Obama is both a member of the Democrat Party and the Democrats’ secular messiah. So, with regard to their tyrannical savior, the media apparently no longer feels it necessary to actually do their job. Mark Hyman from the American Spectator writes: “What America witnessed before the election and mere hours after Obama was sworn into office is just a sampling of what Americans can likely expect throughout an Obama presidency. One cannot help but reach the conclusion an Obama Enemies List is already being compiled and free speech restrictions are being considered.”

Alarmingly, free speech under Barack Hussein Obama is already on its way out, as Obama covertly continues the establishment of his private national police force—AKA Gestapo or Secret Police. Is this his third “change” message—the change from freedom and liberty to subjugation and repression? A few Obama voters have finally begun to awaken to these truths and what his promise of “change you can believe in” really means. Obama’s promised change has always been to move the country from freedom and representative democracy to unlimited restrictions and tyrannical rule. Our ruthless king has arrived and, as Obama tells us with his almost daily TV appearances, we can most certainly believe it.

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Sher Zieve

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