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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  May 31, 2009
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Whatever Barry Wants Barry Gets

Despite his feigned protestations to the contrary, since his usurping of the US presidency Supreme Leader Barack Hussein Obama (AKA “Barry” who said he does not want to run a car company) now owns General Motors and will soon own Chrysler. Although his mainstream media continues to say that “taxpayers own the companies,” we do not. Obama and his friends do. We will NEVER see any viable return on investment for this Obama folly-for-us-and-money-in-his-and-his-buddies’-pockets for him. He has now—almost single-handedly—destroyed the US auto industry. Obama must be very proud. His dictatorial power (now almost absolute) is growing exponentially and he is getting virtually everything he wants. No elected officials—from either side of the aisle—are attempting to stop him. Obama, also, now appears to be unequivocally running the US Department of Justice. The DOJ dropped a voter-intimidation lawsuit against the New Black Panthers, even though (see below video) they were clearly threatening all those who entered the shown polling place. Thus far, no reason has been given for this action by any member of the US Department of Justice. The only reason that currently has any viability is that Obama ordered them to do so. Bear in mind, the New Black Panthers supported Obama for POTUS. Are we on our way to becoming South Africa—or worse?

Note: I use the term ‘usurper’ (“to use without authority or right; employ wrongfully” and “to commit forcible or illegal seizure of an office, power, etc.”) in the truest sense, as virtually all evidence—including Obama’s ongoing lawyer-blocks of any and all attempts to produce a true and original birth certificate—points to this pretender to the throne having been born in Kenya. By the way, never before has a candidate for POTUS refused to produce—when asked—an original and true birth certificate.

Then, Obama wanted the banks and all of their (actually OUR) money. He now has both the do with as he pleases and is continuing to work at bleeding us dry of the rest of it—into the future. The now multi-TRILLION dollar “stimulus” packages have not worked, won’t work in the future and were not designed to work in the first place. Where has all the money gone? Even though “transparency” in all of these dealings was promised by Obama, he and his lackeys have refused to provide it. Note: It might be interesting to check the bank accounts of many Obama supporters. But, I suspect all of those enjoying the use of our money have “hidden accounts” that—with the assistance of the secular messiah and his adherents—will not be found.

While an Alinsky-trained (the individual who dedicated his book to Satan) Illinois community organizer, Obama trained ACORN workers for the organization. Although ACORN is under indictment for campaign and voter fraud in at least 14 states (and some ACORN members have already been convicted), Obama continues to reward those who campaigned tirelessly for him. Obama has also assigned them to work on the upcoming US census. This will allow him to create illegal gerrymandering. Many of Obama’s appointees have committed tax evasion. Note: For Obama, the old cliché “Do as I say—not as I (and my friends) do” seems particularly applicable.

And now Obama’s first SCOTUS nominee—Sonia Sotomayor—has made both racist statements (“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life”) AND legal rulings (she ruled against 19 New Haven, CN firefighters because they are white). Sotomayor is an anti-US Constitutionalist who ruled in Maloney v. Cuomo that private citizens do not have Second Amendment rights. Sotomayor ruled that states do not have to obey the Second Amendment and that an individual’s right to keep and bear arms (as stated in the Amendment) is not protected.

Under the Obama reign, the persecution of Christians has also begun. An apparent test case in San Diego, CA disallows Christian home Bible studies without a permit! Under the USA’s new Marxist regime, the First Amendment’s freedom of religion is under fire. And to apparently ensure the First Amendment dies an even quicker death, Obama has appointed a “Cyber-Czar” to monitor Internet content. As his DHS Chief Napolitano has already warned law enforcement conservatives, pro-life, third party candidate supporters and all other “right-wing extremists” are to be considered dangerous and to be watched by police. This is called—amongst other negative terms—Stalinism. Writing for Russia’s Pravda in his article “American capitalism gone with a whimper”, even columnist Stanislav Mishin recognizes the US’ fall from a democratic republic into the bowels of Communism when he states: “It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.”

It appears that the world has awakened to the fact that the US is now under totalitarian and Obama’s dictatorial rule. But, the Obama sheeple—including his media—still refuse to do so. People of true intelligence and insight must now wonder if they ever will. Will you?

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Sher Zieve

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