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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  August 12, 2009
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Will ObamaThugs Patrol Polling Places and Continue Election Fraud?

While paid ObamaTalkers continue to tell us that ‘what is actually written in the House’s version of ObamaCare isn’t ‘really what’s actually written there’ (that’s called double, triple or quadruple-speak!), Chief Obama mouthpiece and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs blames cable TV for covering recent Town Hall meetings that broadcast the truth about how the public views ObamaCare.

In a recent interview with Matt Lauer, Gibbs said: “Dissent is part of the American tradition. I think what is unproductive, though, is if somebody tries to come to a town hall meeting, and you can't ask your question or your mother can't ask her question because somebody else is yelling. That's what cable TV and the food fight brings to this.” He continued with the draconian statement: “I think we all have something to lose, Matt, if we let cable television come to town hall meetings and kill health care reform for another year and put the special interests back in charge.” Translation: ‘If we don’t shut down these broadcasts that show what is really going on, our total and definitive control of the American serfs could be gone!’ Folks, these Socio-fascists just get scarier and scarier and from Gibbs’ statement it sounds as if the ObamaTyranny is about to censor any opposing viewpoints.

And we have another ever-looming problem from the camp of our Dear Dictator-in-Chief. We already know that Obama’s ACORN group engaged in massive and national voter registration fraud during the 2008 election. And at least one Obama-Partisan Secretary of State--Ohio’s Jennifer Brunner--admitted she was “holding onto” over 200,000 fraudulent voter registration forms; forms that in my opinion and all likelihood turned into fraudulent votes.

We also have the video of New Black Panthers intimidating non-Obama voters. This has been called one of the worst cases of voter intimidation in US history. Although a conviction was gained against the Panthers, the Obama Administration unilaterally overturned and dropped the charges. Note: This is called “ObamaJustice”--if one supports, sells his or her soul to Obama and pledges fealty to the Dictator, one can do virtually whatever one wants to do.

Both Obama’s support of ACORN (he was instrumental in training and getting the original Illinois ACORN group up and running--as well as acting as its legal rep) and his support of any and all thuggery if it helps him and hurts his opponents (aka “those who support Liberty” or “those who support Freedom”) is okay in the tyrant’s book. And, other than the obvious support of his ObamaThugs what does this mean for the upcoming 2010 elections? I have written about this in the past but, it’s time to reiterate some very real ongoing red flags and dangers.

Question: If Obama and his thugs have assured Congress people they WILL be reelected to office, despite the actual electorate vote, might he be able to coerce them to vote for his plan--despite said Congress people’s constituency demands?

I have been voicing and writing about these concerns since before Obama was elected. Although he indicated that it was somewhat negative, I was heartened to hear Rush Limbaugh voice these same concerns on his Tuesday show. And, despite my seeming negativity it is--nonetheless--the truth. Truth is sometimes, if not often, a difficult pill to swallow.

Now that Obama is cracking down on the American people with his next-generation SEIU thugs (now we have SEIU, the New Black Panthers and ACORN), I believe the depth of the dictator’s plans are finally beginning to be seen by a majority of the American people. So, please keep speaking up and any and all venues. You are now so well-informed and articulate about the horrors of ObamaCare and how it will destroy We-the-People that you must continue to tell others the truth. My pride in real America is growing each and every day. Keep it up so that the American people and the United States of America win this one. We must take our country back to its Republic and restore freedom, liberty and the right to worship God--without fear of retribution from a tyrannical government. And only WE can do it!

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Sher Zieve

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