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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  December 8, 2009
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Was there a Bonus Paid on how fast Obama Could Destroy the USA?

While the last remaining Dem Senators hold out for their pieces of the bribes Harry Reid is offering (remember that Sen. Landrieu’s last ObamaCare vote cost We-the-People $300 Millions) for their ‘yes’ votes on ObamaCare, Obama itself will attend the now exposed as an open hoax “global warming” conference in Copenhagen to pledge US taxpayer billions and/or trillions of dollars to the ‘under-developed countries of the world’ in order to bypass the Cap and Trade battle back home. This is designed by Obama & Co to ensure that any last vestiges of USA sovereignty are firmly in the hands of international bodies.

Knowing that all of Obama’s dismantling and destruction of the United States of America was and is the major mission of his existence, I have recently wondered if he will receive personal bonus billions if he completes said destruction within a defined and extremely short period of time. How much will he make? Apparently, said billions are being taken from now-much-poorer US citizens and being given to the increasing in wealth (on the backs of the American people) ruling elite; that’s Obama & Co folks. Also being 99.9% certain that The Obama is not a citizen of the USA (he will apparently never have to produce a viable birth certificate and is using his lawyers and bought-and-paid-for judges to ensure it), and placing it in the vernacular, it will be ‘no skin off his nose’ when the USA finally and formally fails and falls into the abyss of history. His pride at America’s destruction must be almost overwhelming. But, then Obama is a narcissist and narcissists worship themselves. So, as he is a godlike figure in his own mind, perhaps nothing truly surprises him.

Beginning with the still unexplained September 2008 run on the banks (truly thinking people know from which political camp it came), moving through TARP and Obama’s first multi-billion-dollar “stimulus package” (which stimulated only Obama & Co and includes his now almost-nationalized banks), into the ObamaDestruction and nationalization of the US auto industry (only Ford is left but, rumors suggest it will soon be forced under ObamaGov), Obama’s appointment of his still-growing group of ObamaCzars (who only report to Obama and will soon direct the US Congress), Obama’s planned and implemented destruction of middle-class jobs and therefore the middle-class itself and the soon-to-be-passed ObamaCare Death Plan which will place We-the-People into perpetual bondage, Obama’s annihilation of the USA has been accomplished in less than an ObamaYear. This is and has been an amazing feat. Kudos to the tyrant! And, if he stays on point, Obama will deliver most of the balance of the USA to the UN via Copenhagen this month--possibly as early as 13 December 2009.

Suffice it to say, Obama is the best thing the global Marxist/Maoist movement has had going for it in years! The worldwide anti-human contingent must be ecstatic.

But, if the majority of us don’t actually want slavery any longer, what do we do? Have our peaceful means ceased their effectiveness? Heck, the ObamaMedia paid little attention to us when we were at least 1.7 millions strong in Washington D.C. on 12 September and they and their Marxist-Democrat masters minimized and smeared us for voicing our discontent with Washington policies at Congressional Town Hall meetings. Are peaceful means really working, folks, or are they now just ways to vent? The Political Ruling (not governing) Class no longer listens to us in any way, shape or form. They listen only to the venomously sweet whispers of those who would offer them extraordinary bribes if they sell their souls. Do you really believe there are options other than a new American Revolution? If you do, I’d love to hear them. Please let me know. In the mean time, keep your powder dry.

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Sher Zieve

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