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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  February 1, 2010
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State of the Obama Message: Blame Everyone but, the Dictator-in-Chief

Like some angry fop from the 15th century Court of one of the King Louis’, Obama’s now almost perpetually (and literally) upturned elitist nose-in-the-air precedes him most of the times he agrees to indulge in speaking engagements for his unwashed masses. As if the stench from the American people--his underlings--is just to much for his haughty and recently ‘refined’ community-organizing sensibilities to bear, let alone accommodate, Barack Hussein Obama is increasingly telling the world that he is above reproach. And--if one does not believe this bigger-than-life-being-in-his-own-mind--he is in the process of developing goon squads to remind you and keep you/us in line.

Question: Did you hear of any reports from the ObamaMedia about the Obama-inspired black-masked goons’ attack on a Maricopa County police officer and her horse? I didn’t think so. It seems as if every time some think that Obama can’t get any worse, he does.

During his latest “nothing I do wrong is my fault” speech (his first State of the Union address), Obama blamed everyone but my cats and your dogs for his problems. Note: I suspect they will be next. Throughout the US dictator-in-chief’s patent lecture to Congress, he did not elicit a great deal of sympathy for the pronouncements and dictates that fell less-than-trippingly from his lyin’ lips. However, President Bush (“the former administration”) is apparently to blame for everything that has ever gone wrong or will go wrong and for Obama continuing to steal all of the American taxpayer monies--which he will use for his own purposes. Obama and the Democrat leaders even plan to now redirect the original TARP funds (much if not most of which has been paid back by the banks) for other purposes more conducive to the creation of additional slush funds that can be more easily raided.

Then--to add additional insult to an already badly festering wound--Obama’s scheme for a son-of-stimulus package (AKA another “jobs bill”) has been hatched. Note: Like all Marxists, the more they steal the more they want. The Marxist mind and body is never satisfied. But, then, evil never is. In fact, Obama has almost reached the point of openly saying what he really believes, which is: “What you think is yours is actually mine. And I intend to take it all from you!”

We have been standing on the precipice of a very large and very deep rocky canyon for some time now and have hardly noticed the pebbles slipping away from beneath our feet. Although we may not jump of our own accord, the constant erosion beneath us will probably do the trick of sending us into our free fall to destruction. And Obama is all about fast and purposeful erosion and destruction. Can our country and its people survive another 3 years of the despot? Answer: Only if We-the-People effectively remove his power base. That means voting out of office virtually ALL Democrats who are up for reelection in 2010. But, these must not be replaced with RINOs who have effectively infiltrated the Republican Party. We know who and what they are. From now on if we wish to retake, reestablish and keep our Republic, we must vote in only those who have a proven record of supporting the USA--not attempting to “transform” it into a totalitarian empire. If we truly want freedom and liberty, we have to fight to resecure it and never let our attention to political details slide again. If we do not…well you know what will happen. We’re already seeing the beginnings of an Orwellian nightmare. Thank God most of us are now awake.

Black-masked goons attack female officer and her horse:

Obama and Democrats to “redirect” TARP and other funds:



Obama Stimulus 2 bill:


Sher Zieve

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