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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 23, 2010
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Gino DiSimone: Independent Candidate for Governor of Nevada

In my ongoing series of interviews with Conservative and Libertarian candidates for elected State and Federal office, I recently talked with Gino DiSimone--Gubernatorial Independent Candidate for Nevada. True pro-American patriot candidates deserve as much of our support as we can muster. Below is my interview with candidate DiSimone.

The Interview

Sher: Gino, first of all thanks for taking the time for this interview. Would you give us a bit of information about your background and why you have decided to run for Governor of Nevada against the currently embattled Republican incumbent?

Gino: Regarding my background, I am a Navy veteran and have received honors ranging from letters of commendation to Meritorious Service Award. I am an engineer and inventor and hold various patents. I have a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters Certificate in Executive Management. I am a published author and have published several times in technology. I have over 15 years of corporate and executive experience where I have negotiated and managed over a quarter billion dollars of business and contracts per year. In my business career I have managed over $10 Billion dollars of business which includes both domestic and international business exchanges. My business acumen, engineering skills, and Naval service are substantial assets for serving the public office of the Governor.

In my political past I grew up a Democrat (my father loved President Kennedy) then changed to the Republican party while in Navy. Recently, I transitioned to an Independent Non-Partisan because political parties have agendas and consistently fail the people. Every Party puts the Party above the People. This is unacceptable. I am running for Governor because I cannot stand the lack of People first, Constitution first candidates. Every candidate in my race is for the Party and completely puts the interest and security of the citizenry way down their priority list 每 even below the lobbyists. All Party candidates put the Party first and this is reprehensible and intolerable. They polarize the People with Party politics. They work tirelessly to divide the populace with labels. The Party (inclusive) has failed America , they have failed the People, they have failed me and they will fail you too. I am completely finished with the ※lesser of two evils§ option. The People do have the power, but not when they have to yield to the ※lesser of two evils.§ It is enough.

The foremost trait of any political leader is their sense of duty to the people; far and above any personal motivations or party motivations, which is the key to effective ※governship§ (my word). Their duty to the people must not be negotiable nor compromised by money, power, party, personal or any other motive 每 and that is what we lack in nearly every politician today, particularly in the Nevada gubernatorial race. Call it bold, brazen, selfless leadership 每 it is lacking in nearly every political candidate or incumbent. Their motives are utterly amiss.

The current embattled Republican incumbent is an ※armchair politician.§ He is not out to protect the citizenry or to stand on their behalf. He will sit back and wait for Legislature to come to him and then just sign it or veto it. He does not take proactive measures for the people. As an example, Nevada has one of the highest foreclosure rates in America , yet the Nevada Constitution has protections against this. The Nevada Constitution says: Article 1, Sec: 14. Exemption of property from execution; imprisonment for debt. The privilege of the debtor to enjoy the necessary comforts of life shall be recognized by wholesome laws, exempting a reasonable amount of property from seizure or sale for payment of any debts or liabilities hereafter contracted; And there shall be no imprisonment for debt, except in cases of fraud, libel, or slander, and no person shall be imprisoned [imprisoned] for a Militia fine in time of Peace.

That means there cannot be a foreclosure on a person*s primary residence. The banks are required to work out a solution and cannot take the property. The gubernatorial incumbent will not act to uphold the Nevada Constitution. Again, this is reprehensible and demonstrative of his dereliction of duty to the security of citizenry.

Also, the incumbent should be working with industry to bring jobs to Nevada . However, he prefers to sit back and point the finger at the Nevada Legislature claiming they are inhibiting jobs and slowing the economy. This is utterly false. I put myself as an example of leadership wherein I am only a candidate yet I have already engaged with private industry working to secure MOUs (Memorandum of Understanding) such that industry will relocate to Nevada and open manufacturing (we will pull off-shore manufacturing to Nevada). I am doing this as a candidate. He should have been doing this during his full term. There are many other examples we could point out, but there is no need to belabor the point. Further, no other candidate is working to bring jobs to Nevada. They are all pushing Party politics and rhetoric that has no definitive measurable actions to their claims. They are superficial, Party players without measurable actions that the public and ascertain and critique during the election cycle. Again, more Party politics, more of the same.

Sher: Please give us a sense of your personal ideologies and philosophies and how they will translate into your leadership of the State of Nevada.

Gino: My personal ideologies and philosophies are quite directly aligned with the People first, the US Constitution and the Nevada Constitution. These documents fully explain the nature, purpose and limits of government. Indeed, I can share the essence of the Constitutions with this simple understanding of the role and purpose of government: ※The purpose of Government is to guarantee the security of its citizens and to facilitate their prosperity. Indeed, let*s be clear, Government must &facilitate* prosperity, not &legislate* it or &tax* it.§ 每Gino DiSimone

Guarantee safety, security, liberty, freedom 每 the essence of Americanism, the essence of America , the essence of Nevada . Facilitate prosperity 每 the definition of the open ability to ※the pursuit of Happiness.§

Government must facilitate commerce, not tax it or legislate it. Government must protect citizenry from foreign invasion of military, illegal aliens, crooks, criminals of every form be they in uniform, office, or thugs; indeed every from of security. State Government must do the same and more. It is the State*s duty, indeed the Governors duty and responsibility, to protect citizenry from unconstitutional invasive federal powers. Government serves the people, not the other way around.

﹛ Sher: On your website, you list a comprehensive plan detailing how your administration would help Nevada in multiple ways now and into the future. Would you give the readers a summary of what the DiSimone Administration plans to correct the almost insurmountable problems created by Washington D.C. ?

﹛ Gino: Washington DC is the root of our economic problems. I do not agree with their statement that the economy has ※natural§ economic cycles. This is a deception to America We could write volumes on this. However to keep it succinct, suffice it to say Government must do two fundamental things (there are others, but these top the list) to prohibit these economic cycles: 1) relieve the tax system 2) secure the monetary system.

In the DiSimone Administration, we will accomplish both on very short order irrespective of what the Federal Government does. We can do it at the State level with two very basic processes. I tell everyone: We own the economy; the economy does not own us. We [government/politicians] have the keys to the economy because we make the laws. If the economy is lacking, it is because we have failed by our laws. We must own up to these failures and make the requisite changes. The buck stops here. The finger pointing stops here. We own the economy; the economy does not own us. Therefore the citizenry should be righteously outraged at government and politicians for their failure.

To this end, I have a Revenue Plan that the State of Nevada will enact which will generate over $1 Billion to the State with out taxation and with out borrowing. This new revenue will be generated 100% within Nevada , by Nevadans for Nevada . I will reveal the Revenue Plan on May 16 at a major fund raiser (anyone interested in an invitation can contact me via my website noted at the end of this interview). The Revenue Plan will be a product/service that the State will offer its citizenry. They can either buy it or not. If they like it and it enriches their lives, they will buy it. If there is no benefit to them, they have no reason to buy it. I have done extensive market research and I know of a few segments that people want desperately which only the State can offer. (Indeed, nearly every State has these to offer and I am certain they will all adopt my Revenue Plan or some version of it.) On May 16, I will release it to the public and they will decide. (Note: regarding question 1 above, this is where I am substantially different. I will put the Revenue Plan into the public domain. It is clear, definitive and measurable. The people can study it and decide if they agree on whether it will generate revenue and enrich their lives well before the election).

That was item 1 of this question. For item 2, the State cannot wait for the Federal Government to secure the monetary system. The State must act fast and aggressively to shore up the citizens wealth against the failing monetary system. This is another acute security measure toward securing the peoples wealth. Consequently, the Governor must assert executive authority by issuance of an Executive Order to abide by the US Constitution Art 1, Sec. 10 and pay its debts in gold and silver coin. To accomplish this, the State must begin minting gold and silver coins and pay its contracts (both business and employee) in gold and silver coin. This will immediately put gold and silver coin into circulation and start replenishing the monetary system within the State and among the citizenry. This monetary establishment will not devalue, as the current paper money has and is continuing its devaluation, thus providing the necessary security to the citizen*s wealth. By paying State debt in silver and gold coin and getting these items in circulation the monetary system will begin stabilization of the wealth of citizenry and corporations.

Sher: With respect to bringing jobs to Nevada , I understand that you are already implementing a plan with the Olympic Training Center in Reno. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Gino: The facility is technically called the American Sports Academy . It is a 160 acre facility that is fully funded through Foundations. It will employ 2500 or more directly and 5000 or more indirectly through support and ancillary jobs. It will take just over 2 to 3 years to complete and will provide training for the following sports: Ice, Roller, Aquatics, Gymnastics and Cycling among others. It will be the only Sports High School and Jr. College in the country, with a curriculum tailored for the Athletes. The facility will have 8ea sheets of Olympic Ice, 2ea 400m Olympic Ovals, 8ea Roller Surfaces, a 500m Road Course, a 200m Inline Bank Track, a 250m Cycling Velodrome, 5ea Olympic Pools including Diving Pools, a 50,000 sq ft Gymnastics Training Gym, an Aggressor Skate/BMX Park, several multi-use arenas (30,000 seat, 2ea 6500 seat, 5000 seat and a few smaller arenas) and a Public Fitness/Sports Center.

As an Academy, it will have dorms for 1250 resident students. The facility will have a Sports Medicine School, a Food Court , a Sports Museum , Office space and Sports Retail spaces. The facility is truly amazing and sets new standard of an Academy with focus on education with athletics.

As I shared previously, we own the economy, the economy does not own us. The financing is provided, we must facilitate this progress.

﹛ Sher: As I write this, ObamaCare has not yet passed but, it is looking more and more as if its passage is imminent. Also, if ObamaCare passes, it appears that the Obama Administration will then shove through Cap & Trade and may even attempt to pass a comprehensive Amnesty for illegals in the country. If elected as Nevada*s next Governor will you attempt to stop ObamaCare*s implementation and the expected other increasingly totalitarian bills in Nevada ?

Gino: As Governor, it is my duty to revoke any federal legislation that is not enumerated in the US Constitution. The Healthcare bill, Cap & Trade or anything else will not be allowed in Nevada . I will exercise the requisite executive order(s), submit a statement(s) to the Office of the President, Congress, and the Supreme Court that these federal mandates do not comply with the US Constitution and are a direct threat to the security and prosperity of Nevada . By virtue of this direct security threat, any attempt to extract money or invoke penalty of any kind on Nevada citizens or corporations do not have force or effect in Nevada and will not be allowed. As the Commander in Chief of the State, I will exercise the necessary protective measures for our citizenry and corporations until Nevada Legislature makes changes to the Nevada Constitution to the contrary. I will then act accordingly until the Nevada Legislature changes the Nevada Constitution with the agreement of the citizenry and my Executive approval.

Moreover, there are a host of Presidential Executive Orders that violate the US Constitution and the States. I will handle these in the same way with the same sense of expediency and action. (example: Obama recently signed an Executive Order that allows Interpol immunity to the US Constitution when acting in or on US territories. Basically, Interpol can come and go as they please, collect information as they please, and leave with what they took 每 except not in Nevada when I am Governor. If they arrive in Nevada the will be detained immediately. I will inform Interpol, the UN and selective Heads of States at the same time I inform the US Government).

﹛ Sher: You have said that you view the federal government*s role as very limited and that--Constitutionally--it derives its powers as granted by the United States. Please tell us what you mean by that and what you will do in Nevada to begin the change back to the Republic that our Founding Fathers envisioned and originally implemented.

Gino: Those that have taken the time to study the Continental Congress, Articles of Confederation, the purpose and architecture of our bicameral Congress, the US Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the Resolution of 1798 and other documents know very well that the Sovereign States ※delegated§ very specific and ※enumerated§ powers to the federal body of government. The States have never yielded their Sovereignty in any way. They indeed ※delegated§ certain powers to the federal body and listed these powers quite specifically and severally (the meaning of enumerated). That means the States had the powers and wrote a document that ※enumerated§ what powers they agree to ※delegate§ to the federal body. The States were so clear about it they took an extra measure to overtly claim that absolutely all other power and authority is reserved for the States and the People (10th Amendment). In delegating enumerated powers they reserved the right to ※recall§ those powers, or to change anything they agreed to in the US Constitution, which is the very purpose of Article 5 (prescribes the process by which the States can recall, remove, add to or change any part of the US Constitution or enumerated powers delegated to the federal body).

As one reads the documents referenced above, it is absolutely clear that government is utterly limited to guaranteeing security and facilitating commerce. There is no other enumerated ※power§ than these 每 absolutely none. The bulk of the US Constitution explains the ※limits§ on how they may go about providing these.

As a Governor of a Sovereign State , I can only act to these regards as they pertain to Nevada . I cannot act for any other State. The first item of obvious concern is the current eligibility of the President. This is paramount to the security of Nevada and the Agreement between Nevada and the US Government. Congress is willfully derelict in their duties to guarantee to the States that the person ※elected§ as President has met all eligibility requirements as set forth by the States in the US Constitution. The States have not accepted substitute documents and are awaiting the late delivery of proof of eligibility. The Supreme Court has also been willfully derelict in this responsibility. By virtue of these derelictions, it is the Governor*s duty to demand proof of eligibility of the constitutional legal and correct form. I will demand it. If not provide within 5days, I will relieve him of command of Nevada National Guard and order these troops home (I have another mission for them). I will further serve notice that the Federal Government has breached the Agreement with the State of Nevada , through willful dereliction and negligence, which constitutes high treason against the State. Moreover this acute gross violation and breach of Agreement defaults all federal land within the borders to the State of Nevada which I will claim. Further I will serve notice to all Federal employees that their duties and functions are without authority and of no force except by directive of the Governor.

I will exercise the requisite Executive Order and actions to this regard and direct the Legislature to take appropriate legal actions against the US Government for redress.

Sher: You also shared with me that you will have at least two major announcement in May and July that will potentially--and for the better--change the course of Nevada if not the country. Can you share a bit of a teaser with us?

Gino: Yes, the first announcement (May 16, 2010) is the Revenue Plan referenced in a previous question. This is the Revenue Plan that will set Nevada on course to be the first ※tax-free§ State. (Imagine how people and industry can prosper within a tax free environment!) It is a process by which the State will offer a very specific product/service to the citizenry which they can purchase or not. It is a non-compete offering (does not compete with private industry). Very conservatively Nevada will generate over $1Billon in revenue. If California adopted the plan they will generate over $12-$16 Billion. Florida is similar to California . Nearly all States have this to offer their citizenry. This is the beginning of our State transformation to a tax-free government.

The second announcement will come around July 4, Independence Day. I will release how the State can absolutely, overnight, reduce its debt by 10%- 20%. Absolutely, comprehensively and immediately lower State debt without lay-offs or other cuts. This is an immediate massive measure that completely changes the debt structure of the State. Again, every State can do this and will very likely follow Nevada.

It is very important to make mention that these two actions utterly transforms the financial posture of the State. These are immediate, realizable and measurable actions. The State economy will transform (boost) within the first several months. As I said, ※We own the economy; the economy does not own us.§ However, these actions are not the complete solution. Yes, they are massive and utterly transforming. Yes, very soon the State, and all States, will know them. Yes, they are powerful enough to break the purse strings of the Federal Government and financially set free the State from federal fiscal oppression. Yes, they are the foundation toward a tax-free government. Yet, if the State does not transform and get back to the limited position of government (guarantee security and facilitate prosperity), then these too will be corrupted by wayward politicians and power grabbing predator political parties. I cannot stress enough to the people to harshly challenge your candidates and your Party. Force them to give clear, definitive, measurable actions such that you can hold their feet to the fire 每 and make that fire hotter than hell. Your very life depends on it.

The foremost trait of any political leader is their sense of duty to the people; far and above any personal motivations or party motivations, which is the key to effective ※governship§ (my word). Follow their money supply. If they receive money from companies, affiliations, or any entity other than an individual, you should hold them and their motives suspect. They are doubtfully for the People first. Their duty to the people must never be negotiable or compromised by money, power, party, business, personal or any other motive; and that is what we lack in nearly every politician today. Call it bold, brazen, selfless leadership 每 it is lacking in nearly every political candidate or incumbent. Their motives are utterly amiss. WE THE PEOPLE MUST HOTLY CHALLENGE THEM.

The most direct litmus test I know of is how will the candidate address Obama*s proof of eligibility? Ask for clear, definitive, measurable actions. Anything else is just political rhetoric and you must brazenly oppose that candidate. The candidate*s answer will tell you immeasurable insights about the candidate. Are they driven by rhetoric, media, Party, money, colleagues, something else, or the People and the Constitution? Whether you agree with their answer or not, you will have deep insights to the candidate. You be the judge. You know my answer. Whether you agree with it or not, it is clear, definitive and measurable.

Sher: Thanks so much, Gino. If people would like to donate and learn more about your campaign, where can they find you?

Gino: My website is My email is I graciously accept, and need, free will donations. I graciously accept anonymous donations of any amount. The maximum donation is $10,000. You can go to the Donations page on my website and donate via the link or send your donation by mail to: Gino For Governor, 17810 Thunder River Dr. , Reno, NV 89508.

It is a frustration that I actually have to add this next statement. However, I suspect it does not come as a surprise. I have turned down donations when they come with certain requests even though the donation is not contingent upon fulfillment thereof. I will not accept, and will return, donations with strings attached. My only allegiance is to the People and the Constitution, and none other.

What I have answered in this interview can only be accomplished if I win the gubernatorial race, otherwise it will pass into the winds of silence or be corrupted by the wayward politician. Everyone knows winning a political office will require getting the word out. This means the various media outlets should be leveraged, and that costs a lot of money.

I have put my Life, my Fortunes, and my very Honor for the People, the Constitution and the Country that our Forefathers sacrificed to win. If they can wear those shoes, so can I, and so can you. I appreciate your prayers and support. ﹛

Sher Zieve

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