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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  March 25, 2010
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The Party of American Slavery in Full Abhorrent Power Again

The political party that promoted the slavery of Africans, established Jim Crow laws, created the Ku Klux Klan, refused to follow court orders barring segregation--and so on and so on--is now is full raging power within the borders of the United States of America. However, this time only the colors of its victims’ skins appear to have changed. This time, people from ALL ethnic backgrounds are being enslaved by the US Marxist Party’s (aka former “Democrat Party”) overseers and rulers. And this time, the tyrants will not allow something like ‘free elections’ to take them out. Most of them--including their dictatorial leader Barack Hussein Obama--realize that the chances for their reelections to power are, at best, marginal.

Note: Since prior to Obama’s selection and usurpation of the office of POTUS, I have warned that any and all “free” elections would probably soon be a thing of the past. The Marxist way is to not allow them, in the first place. Therefore, it was of extreme interest to me that Rush Limbaugh--in a recent program--commented: “Obama's gonna’ need their votes in 2012. The Democrats are going to need their votes in every election from now on – if we have elections, and I'm not joking." It appears that even some talk show icons are finally realizing the truth of the Obama Evil.

Let’s really face what‘s happening, shall we? Any tyrant or set of tyrants who does not care what 60-70% of the population says and believes--if said beliefs don’t go along with their programs--also doesn’t care about “allowing” that same population to vote them out of office. Therefore, the logical thing to do is to disallow elections--altogether; or go the alternative of strictly managed and massive election fraud and intimidation. Don’t forget that Obama’s bought and paid for US Attorney General Eric Holder has already thrown out the legally obtained conviction of New Black Panthers in a lawsuit that showed some of the worst election intimidation on record. And, this same Eric Holder said of the corrupt and criminal ACORN enterprise--after Congress voted to no longer provide it monies--that the US government would still fund it.

Obama has had and still maintains inseparable ties to ACORN (which has recently changed its name to at least a dozen or so others in order to hide) and this same organizations was instrumental in helping his 2008 campaign (can you say voter and election fraud?). In December 2009 activist Federal Judge and Clinton appointee Nina Gershon reversed the Congressional defunding ruling that it was “unconstitutional.” Note: In order to reverse or even refuse to take cases that are unpopular with or could lead to the dethroning of The Obama, Leftist judges are now using the term “unconstitutional” almost as liberally as they do the term “lack of standing.”

It is no secret that The Obama is taking over, dismantling and/or destroying every aspect of that which the Founding Fathers of the USA brought to bear; freedom and liberty being the two things that Obama needed to eliminate first. Ramming ObamaCare through against the will of the people did just that. And, if The Obama could shove that horror down the throats and up the other orifices of Americans’ bodies--with a minimum of 60%+ against it--he and his Marxist House and Senate majority leaders and follower-minions can do and get away with anything they want.

The current US government is moving quickly and forcefully against the American people. Obama & Co has already announced that it will now force Amnesty for illegals (to make up for the American voters who will not vote for him again), Cap & Trade (aka Cap & Tax), National ID (“your papers, please--now!“) and will resurrect legislation to remove the union’s secret ballot (power is an aphrodisiac and drunken power is the worst). And Obama has the fire power of the strongest military in the world, today, to back him up.

With virtually no one in the Washington D.C. Marxist Ruling Class following anything that remotely even looks like the US Constitution and with their ongoing threatening and oppressing of We-the-People each and every day, what do we do? What can we do? I heard a well-known host of a TV program yesterday warn against violence with “That’s what they want you to do.” A year or so ago, I might have agreed with him. But, didn’t the men and women who founded out country also exhaust each and every peaceful means they could before they had to resort to an all-out revolution? I have to now wonder how close We-the-People are today toward reaching the same conclusions as did our founders. Tyranny and its attendant despots do not recognize any laws save those of their own making. They will neither follow the laws of others nor of countries if they do not satisfy their own selfish purposes. I think we may be as close to our founders ultimate decision as we will ever be. Do we wish to be free and sovereign or submit to bondage? For a brief window of time longer, it’s still our choice.

“We must no longer reason or deliberate. We only want concord and steadiness. The lot is cast. If we prove victorious, we shall be a just, free and sovereign people. If we are conquered, we shall be traitors, perjured persons and rebels.” John Adams just prior to the American Revolution in 1777.

Holder says to fund ACORN:

Fed Judge says ACORN must be funded:

Sher Zieve

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Sher Zieve is a long-time syndicated columnist who generally writes columns of a politically Conservative and Constitutional nature. She also interviews notable people with an interesting and/or newsworthy story to tell. These include politicians, writers, activists and others in the news. Her work has been and continues to be carried by both national and international publications. Sher appears regularly on national talk shows.

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