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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32
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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  May 3, 2010
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Obama and the Elephants in the USA’s Living Room

The following column is not a fairy tale. I only wish that it were. Some years ago, an advertisement against alcoholism ran on television. In the Ad, an elephant was depicted bumping into and breaking furniture in a living room while the resident occupants ignored it. But eventually, try as they might, they could not. Suffice it to say, the Ad depicted Americans’ reluctance to deal with severe and glaringly obvious problems within their families. But, try as we will, eventually elephants can and will no longer be ignored.

Today, there are now so many elephants in the USA’s living room that they are bumping into each other and multiple stadiums need to be erected to hold them. It appears that Obama has brought most of them into our house; or is at the very least the one who willingly and even effervescently allowed them in. A new, improved and nauseatingly capricious Hannibal, perhaps?

However, instead of a traditional familial grouping that overlooks said pachyderms, Obama’s “family” is the leftist media--and of course his adherents (who include members of Congress--all Democrats and most RINOs) and sycophants. Oops! I forgot, the Obama media, adherents and sycophants are one in the same and all belong to his leftist totalitarian family. And what, pray tell, have the media et al ignored? Well…let’s take a look, shall we?

As the Leftist media--which includes virtually every print, network and cable channel “news” source known to humankind--hides and suppresses virtually if not literally everything and anything that might damage (in any way, shape or form) The Obama, it has been extremely difficult to discover the real truth about and behind the individual. But, a few real investigative journalists (Google Doug Hagmann amongst others) persist even today. The more the Leftist media try to hide the truth, the more real reporters want to uncover it, bring it to the public and into the light of day. Here are a merely a few tidbits--poisonous morsels that impact our lives in a probable deadly manner--from Dictator-in-Chief Obama’s reign.

1. First and foremost--and the biggest elephant of all--is the lack of a true and viable birth certificate. Without said certificate, Obama is a usurper of the US Presidency. That which has, thus far, been given to the erstwhile press and Obama’s other fawning flatterers is nothing more than a short form Certificate of Live Birth--a certificate that (at the time of The Obama’s birth) Hawaii issued even to those who were foreign born and not US citizens. It may still follow this practice, today. If Obama really is a natural born US citizen--as required constitutionally--why does he continue to pay his retained attorneys to keep his records hidden and to fight each and every attempt of the public to get to the truth? In his quest for ultimate power, Obama ignores the US Constitution. And his media and Congress allow him to get away with it. So many pay-offs so many bribes? That’s a Dictatorship (aka Tyranny), folks. By the way, our US Republic is gone.

2. Obama’s “health” care bill was the fight its instigator said he must win. And Obama won not only by attacking and fighting against the will of We-the-People but, will soon also be over our dead bodies. Yes, Virginia, Death Panels are STILL contained within the ObamaCare Death Plan and so are some of the ugliest commands against human life and one of--if not the thus far--most Machiavellian pieces of legislation ever written. No right to life? No “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” no Republic. But then, a smaller population is easier for the slave masters to manage and control.

3. Knowing full well that Arizona is under siege from and by Mexican drug cartels, that Phoenix is now the #2 city in the world with the most kidnappings (drug cartel related) and #1 in the USA and drug-related murders of US citizens are increasing exponentially in that State, Obama and his regime have refused all desperate pleas from AZ Governor Jan Brewer for help. Therefore, Governor Brewer was forced to sign a bill that will only allow police officers to check the immigration status of individuals who are pulled over or investigated for another offense. By the way, the Arizona bill mirrors the federal anti-illegal immigration bill that the US government refuses to enforce. The passage of this bill--AZ SB 1070--was mandatory, in order to begin to protect US citizens from the daily onslaught of the drug cartel members and thousands upon thousands of other illegals who have successfully--with the tacit assistance of a politically motivated US government--invaded the State of Arizona. Again, the Obama federal government will do nothing to protect US citizens. Instead, it now protects the illegal invaders. It’s almost as if Obama decided to withhold protection in order to force the issue. Now he and his Marxist entourage will march and riot against protecting US citizens and he and his willing Congress will attempt to force though another new Amnesty bill--which will protect the drug lords who have invaded and are taking over portions of what used to be OUR sovereign country. The drug lords’ payroll is rapidly increasing. USA as a new 3rd world country? It appears so.

4. Obama & Co is stealing all of the money they can from We-the-People. They have affected it via all of the Obama “stimulus” bills (bills that stimulate only him, his masters and his minions) and ObamaCare (which effectively gives The Obama control over at least 1/6 of OUR former economy). Then, there is the Obama nationalization of one industry after another (including banks--where OUR money is stored), Cap and Trade (to add additional taxes and charges to further bleed us dry and destroy any chance We-the-People have to continue our usage of energy), his new and improved push to firmly place illegal invaders over US citizens while the citizens have to pay for them. And more thefts are in progress. Again, as I’ve done in the past, I have to ask “still wonder why Obama continues to smile broadly?”

Yes, folks, the elephants are too numerous to list here. It will take many books to list them all. What can be done? I’ve heard the “start at your local level” argument myriad times and it is a good one. But, the problem we have is that--at least--the US Government Executive and Legislative branches are now a totalitarian entity that is willfully ignoring US citizens in favor of their own personal wealth and power; wealth and power that is now being stolen each and every day from all of us. And, this same government has begun to arrest and incarcerate political prisoners--those who oppose Obama. But, unless someone beats me to it, that will be for another upcoming column.

Truly, one way or another it’s time to send Obama, his elephants and his elephant-trainers home--and that’s not the United States of America.

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H.R. 4872 ObamaCare Death Plan:


AZ SB 1070:

Sher Zieve

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