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Author:  Sher Zieve
Bio: Sher Zieve
Date:  January 14, 2013
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Obama and Congress: Ending the USA to Establish the new Police State-Part 1

Taking strong literary license in quoting the opening line from “A Tale of Two Cities”--Dickens‘ novel that explored the people and times of the French Revolution: “They were the worst of times…they were the worst of times.” In general, this statement applies to the humans being both fleeced by the ruling class of all they had built and acquired, then imprisoning them unjustly and often illegally for challenging the rulers theft and tyranny. While the people starve due to the excesses of the “powerful,” those in power flourished on the backs of the peasants--peasants who were made so due to the aforementioned unrestrained and hedonistic excesses by those who decreed their serfdom--in order to continue their febrile and insatiable ways. Although it is now a worldwide phenomenon, this is precisely what is happening today to the people of the world by its patently Luciferian leaders. The following offering, however, will pertain largely--if not entirely--to what is happening in the (former) United States of America.

The Overthrow and Pillaging of the US Economy

The US economy has already been overthrown. The first overwhelming shot was actually fired by the global elite (aka New World Order”) on 11 September 2008 via an electronic run on the US banking system. Note: I suspect this was the loud and clear announcement and signal to all of the in-power leftists that the beginning of the takeover (and “transformation”) of the USA and the world nations’ money supplies had begin.

During a video report, Rep. Paul Kanjorski said: “…the Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous draw down of money market accounts in the United States to the tune of $550 Billion dollars was being drawn out in a matter of an hour or two.

“The Treasury opened up its window to help. They pumped 105 billion dollars into the system and quickly realized that they could not stem the tide. We were having an electronic run on the banks.” And many years prior to the bank run--under President Carter--the “Community Reinvestment Act” was instituted that forced mortgage companies and banks to allow people to purchase homes they could not afford and to lend them money they could not pay back--in the interest of “fairness” (aka Marxism, National Socialism, Communism etc.). This practice, continued under President Clinton, was the elemental causation of the housing/mortgage implosion that began the 2008 US (and almost the world) economic meltdown. It had been held in the wings until a true-believer Marxist-Luciferian (please see below for links to Karl Marx’s sworn obedience and love to and for his god Lucifer…THE god of the Marxist movement) would be “selected” for the Office of POTUS. That, of course, was and is Barack Hussein Obama.

Some new media journalists--including yours truly--have written for years about these individuals, their policies and the purposeful pain they have inflicted and continue to inflict upon the USA and the American people. However, most of the “mainstream media” did not bother to report in a truthful manner--if reported at all. Rather odd, wouldn’t you say?

Since Obama has been in power as POTUS (a position which he may well decide to never leave), the deterioration of the US economy has increased exponentially. This is not and never has been either a coincidence or incompetence. As has been written since before he took the White House, the Leftist/Marxist cabal (at least since 2007 when the Marxist Dems took both Houses of Congress) had been systematically raiding the US Treasury and then transferring its assets to foreign powers, their cronies and themselves. Note: This is what they really mean by “redistributing the wealth.” Obama’s cronies, Obama and other Obama-Friends in-country and overseas are now receiving this redistribution of US wealth quite easily. The only thing that has changed is that the pace of the transfer has speeded up.

Police State Explosion and Gun Ownership Bans

In the old USSR, Nazi Germany, Mao’s Communist China, Chavez’ Venezuela and every other totalitarian anti-human government that has ever existed on Planet Earth, said government began arresting citizens of those respective companies as some form of “enemies of the state” under trumped-up charges or the lack of any charges at all. This practice has already begun under the Obama syndicate’s rule.

First and foremost involve the goings-on in Monroe County, Tennessee. Monroe County is considered by many to be one of if not the most corrupt counties in the US and many of its actions since 2009 are considered to be “test cases” for the federal government on how to best stop opposition to its planned and now being implemented tyranny. On 20 April, Darren Huff was on his way Madisonville, TN to support his friend LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick III (ret) who had affected an attempted (legal in Tennessee) citizen’s arrest on Grand Jury Foreman Gary Pettway. Note: Pettway had been a GJ Foreman for over 20 years, which flies in the face of Tennessee law. Instead, Fitzpatrick was arrested. Fitzpatrick was, also, one of the first US citizens--if not the first--to file a formal treason complaint against the ineligibility of Barack Obama to be POTUS--which we suspect may be the predominant reason he was arrested. Of interest and vital importance is that another high-profile military leader--Admiral James “Ace” Lyons (ret)--has come out strongly and firmly against Obama’s “treasonous” activities.

On his way, Huff was stopped by what appeared to have been a roadblock of Tennessee law enforcement. Huff was pulled over for, ostensibly, running a stop sign. However, there were five law enforcement vehicles from no less than ten law enforcement agencies. For supposedly running a stop sign? Law enforcement asked Huff if they could search his vehicle. Huff said under the US Constitution’s right to be secure, “I respectfully decline.” Law enforcement then threatened to “bring the dogs out” if Huff did not comply. They then said they were looking for explosive devices. Huff advised them that there were no explosive devices. Tennessee law enforcement, nonetheless, brought out two sniffer dogs--who found nothing. One of the officers asked Huff to voluntarily surrender his weapon--a Constitutional right under the Constitution’s Second Amendment and for which he had a permit--and Huff said that he could not violate the US Constitution by allowing it. In Huff’s video below, he advised that the stop and search ended peaceably and even with some of the officers cordially. Huff was let go and continued on his way to the trial.

Then, on 30 April 2010, Darren Huff was arrested by the FBI under--at best--suspicious and stretching-the-truth-to-its-limits weapons charges. FBI Special Agent Mark A. Van Balen testified at Huff’s trial that both Huff and at least 14 others had brandished weapons outside of the courtroom on 20 April. That, of course, would have been insane. If it actually occurred as stated by Van Balen, why was no one else arrested for anything of that nature on the date and why have they not been arrested since? In fact, no one at the FBI has given either the names of the others “brandishing weapons” nor even issued warrants for anyone else. Strange don’t you think? Perjury? Sure sounds like it to me. At the trial--which has now become all too common-place in Monroe County--Huff was not allowed to present anything resembling a defense. Note: Neither was Fitzpatrick allowed to present a defense during his recent trial.

Without any real ability to defend himself being permitted by the court, it took the jurors eleven hours to render a guilty verdict against Huff. He was sentenced to four years in prison on 15 May 2012 for what strongly appears to be challenging the authority of tyrants all the way to the top elected levels in the USA. This is only one example of what is now transpiring--on a daily basis--in what was once our country. Much of it has been fomented and is now being implemented by the Obama syndicate…whose tentacles appear to be everywhere. And, if you actually think the Sandy Hook massacre wasn’t planned and staged…please stay tuned.

End of Part 1

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