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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32

Watts Up With That?
Watts Up With That?

Bio: Watts Up With That?

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  • It’s time to stop the climate scare stories (September 30, 2014)
    India Prime Minister Narendra Modi sensibly refused to attend yet another climate summit – this one called by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in New York for September 23, under the auspices of the United Nations, which profits handsomely from the much-exaggerated climate scare. Environmentalists have complained at Mr. Modi’s decision not to attend. They say rising atmospheric CO2 will cause droughts, melt Himalayan ice and poison lakes and waterways in the Indian subcontinent. However, the UN's IPCC has already had to backtrack from an earlier assertion that all the ice in the Himalayas would be gone within 25 years, and the most comprehensive review of drought trends worldwide shows the global land area under drought has fallen throughout the past 30 years.
  • Oops! Obama administration dietary recommendations may be tied to increased greenhouse gas emissions (September 6, 2014)
  • The myth of the 97% climate change consensus (June 27, 2014)

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Biography - Watts Up With That?

Watts Up With That? is a website of Anthony Watts, a former television meteorologist who spent 25 years on the air and who also operates a weather technology and content business, as well as continues daily forecasting on radio, just for fun.

Weather measurement and weather presentation technology is Watts' specialty. He also provides weather stations and custom weather monitoring solutions via (if you like his work, please consider buying a weather gadget there, StormPredator for example) and, and turn-key weather channels with advertising at

The weather graphics you see in the lower right corner of his blog are produced by his company, IntelliWeather.

While Watts has a skeptical view of certain issues, he considers himself “green” in many ways, and he promotes the idea of energy savings and alternate energy generation. Unlike many who just talk about it, he has put a 10KW solar array on his home, plus a 125 KW solar array on one of his local schools when he was a school trustee. He's retrofitted his home with CFL’s and better insulation, as well as installed timer switches on many of his most commonly used lights.

Watts also drives an electric car for his daily around town routine.

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