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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32

About Unsolicited Material

The following policy governs any unattributed or unsourced material submitted to us for publication:

  1. We will not post any unsolicited material without proper sourcing for verification of it's authenticity.

  2. The only exceptions to this requirement will be for material submitted for a "Guest Commentary" or "Contributed Commentaries" where the author is fully identified and answerable to his/her material with a valid e-mail address.

WEBCommentary exists for the civil exchange of ideas and viewpoints by honorable people.  A proper atmosphere for civil exchange of information and opinion is not possible if false or misleading information is presented as truth.  Deception's gains are always short-lived.  Truth is the ultimate objective and those who strive to discover and reveal truth are always welcome. Those who pervert truth will not be provided an avenue for their deceit on these pages.

If you are articulate and enjoy sharing your views on subjects of interest to WEBCommentary's readers, you are welcome to request joining WEBCommentary's contributing authors.  Please review our Regular Contributor Guide.

Regular contributors submit commentaries with regular frequency from daily to quarterly.

On occasion, we publish "Guest Commentary" from authors who are generally associated with a specific organization dedicated to information in a particular subject area. Guest commentay is generally commentary that has been published elsewhere online.

Not every guest commentary offered for publication will be published. Material submitted for consideration will be reviewed for compliance with our standards for accuracy, relevance, style, taste, civility and content. Material is considered from the complete range of political views. However, we will not publish material that defies reason, insults truth, ignores reality, or contains ad hominem attacks. Honesty, decency, a sense of humor, and suitability for publication are all considered in determining whether a submission is published. You will be notified if your submission is chosen for publication as a guest commentary. All submitted material must be the original material of its author and any quoted material must be well documented (preferably with links to online sources).

WEBCommentary welcomes your feedback.

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