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Monday, July 28, 2014

WEBCommentary.com News, Politics, and Commentary -  daily commentary about news, politics, and other topics including conservative, liberal, environmental, constitutional, objectivist, and libertarian issues.

House candidate Lenar Whitney: Global Warming Is A Hoax

July 28, 2014:

  Corruption in Government


July 27, 2014:

  Breaking News!

  Religion & Philosophy in the News

July 26, 2014:

  Breaking News!

  Climate/Climate Change/Weather

  • UK Register (UK Register)

    Climate: 'An excuse for tax hikes', scientists 'don't know what they're talking about'
    People all around the world, responding to a survey by Ipsos MORI, have generally agreed with the ideas that scientists don't really know what they're talking about when it comes to the climate – and that governments are using environmental issues as an excuse to raise taxes. On balance the people of the world concurred with the statement "even the scientists don't really know what they're talking about on environmental issues", with only 42 per cent disagreeing and 48 per cent agreeing. Disbelief in scientific climate expertise was strongest in China, Japan and Germany.
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July 25, 2014:

  Family Oriented

  • Lloyd Marcus (Lloyd Marcus)

    In Fond Memory of Don, My Father-in-Law
    Don was a hard-working man who not only provided and nurtured his family, but his extended family, and anyone else in need. Mary said as a child she remembers washing dishes for 11 people in their household. Don and my dad, who also took on a lot of responsibility at an early age, were from a generation in which families did what they had to do. If a family member needed assistance or a place to stay for a while, you took them in your home.
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July 24, 2014:

  Breaking News!

July 23, 2014:

  Breaking News!

  Climate/Climate Change/Weather

  • Paul Driessen (Eco-Imperialism)

    Breaking EPA’s climate science secrecy barriers
    by Paul Driessen and Lawrence Kogan
    The Environmental Protection Agency, US Global Change Research Program and other government agencies are using billions of our tax dollars to fund biased climate research, select research that supports their regulatory agenda, ignore studies that do not, handpick the “independent” experts who peer-review the research, hide their actions from public view – and issue regulations that will cost countless billions of dollars and affect the lives, livelihoods, liberties, living standards, health, welfare and life spans of every American. These actions violate federal laws and independent watchdog groups are using FOIA requests to secure disclosure of EPA records that could reveal this rigged climate science peer review process – and bring legal actions under the Information Quality Act to correct the resultant data corruption. These efforts could ultimately end corrupt government practices and force a large-scale dismantling of EPA’s junk science and the job-killing regulations it spawns.
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  • The Heartland Institute (The Heartland Institute)

    Long-term Cooling of U.S. Winters Defies Alarmist Predictions
    Winter temperatures throughout the United States are in a 20-year cooling trend, defying alarmist global warming predictions and debunking claims that warmer winters are causing environmental catastrophe. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) data, highlighted by the International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project, reveal this winter’s exceptionally cold winter was merely the continuation of a long-term cooling trend. The trend line for the past 20 years shows more than two degrees Fahrenheit of cooling in U.S. winter temperatures since 1995.
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  Corruption of American News Media

  Corruption in Government

  • Michael J. Gaynor

    Obamacare, Brought to You by President Humpty Dumpty, Master of Words
    Under the Constitution, the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is not revisable unilaterally by the Executive Branch of the United States Government and reading "established by a State" to mean "established by a State or, if a State does not establish, established instead by the Federal Government" is as shameless as saying that the individual mandate is not a tax in order to enact it and then arguing that it should be upheld under the Federal Government's taxing power.
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July 22, 2014:

  Climate/Climate Change/Weather


  Environmental Extremism

  • Paul Driessen (Eco-Imperialism)

    Killing marine life with ethanol
    Ethanol damages your cars, small engines, food budget – and kills Gulf of Mexico animals
    By now most Americans are familiar with the many reasons ethanol in gasoline is a bad idea:  higher cost, lower mileage, engine damage, energy and water use.  They also know its climate change hype doesn’t come close to reality – and that ethanol also creates significant other problems.  Yet there is another environmental problem with ethanol:  Much of the nitrogen fertilizer needed to grow all that corn gets washed into streams and rivers that drain into the Gulf of Mexico, where they cause enormous summertime algae blooms across thousands of square miles.  When the algae die, their decomposition consumes oxygen in the water – creating enormous low-oxygen (hypoxic) and zero-oxygen (anoxic) regions.  Marine life cannot survive in those “dead zones.”  Fish swim away, but shrimp, oysters, clams, mussels, crabs, sea cucumbers and other stationary or slow moving bottom dwellers cannot escape.  They just suffocate.  Big Ethanol doesn’t want to talk about this.  But we need to discuss it – and end the ethanol mandates.
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  Healthy Living & Health Care Issues

  • NewsMax.com (NewsMax)

    US Appeals Court Throws Out IRS Rule on Obamacare Subsidies
    President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul suffered a potentially crippling blow as a U.S. appeals court ruled the government cannot give financial assistance to anyone buying coverage on the insurance marketplace run by federal authorities. The decision may deprive more than half the people who signed up for Obamacare the tax credits they need to buy a health plan.
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  Imperial Obama Presidency

  International Affairs/Foreign Policy

  • Guest Author:  Reuven Berko

    The Double Standard of Proportionality
    Once again, Israel finds itself facing Hamas' rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip as the terrorists turn their civilians into human shields. Before the security fence was built on Israel's eastern border, suicide bombers were sent to kill Israelis by bearded sheikhs who sanctimoniously claimed they were innocent of any link to the military-terrorist wings of the Islamist organizations. With the security fence in position, the number of terrorist attacks from Judea and Samaria has decreased dramatically, even as the Palestinians point at the fence for the foreign media, throw rocks at it and whine "Apartheid."
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