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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WEBCommentary.com News, Politics, and Commentary -  daily commentary about news, politics, and other topics including conservative, liberal, environmental, constitutional, objectivist, and libertarian issues.

House candidate Lenar Whitney: Global Warming Is A Hoax

September 22, 2014:

  Religion & Philosophy in the News

September 20, 2014:

  Breaking News!

  • Jim Kouri (Contributing Editor, Chief of Police Magazine)

    Lawbreakers Rewarded At Taxpayers' Expense
    In an effort to bring illegal aliens from "out of the shadows" to signup for New York City's own version of the Matrícula Consular de Alta Seguridad (MCAS) identification cards, Mayor Bill de Blasio is offering free memberships to the city's cultural conglomerate including free tickets to Carnegie Hall, according to the city's local news media on Friday. While citizens will still have to pay for their own amusements, they will also pay -- through the city's wealth-sucking tax system -- for the illegal aliens' entertainment...
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  National Crisis - Saving our Constitutional Republic

  • Gerald V. Todd

    Spiritual Warfare and the Culture of Death
    What is the Culture of Death? One could say it is the opposite of the Culture of Life, best explained in the teachings of the Catholic Church – if not the actions of its members. Why would anyone want to participate in a death culture? For the one half it is the human tendency to rebel against moral authority, demanding the right to exercise one’s feelings and urges regardless of their effect on themselves or others. It's called "progressivism." The other half of the Culture of Death is wrapped up in the deadly goals of radical Islam.
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  • Andrew T. Durham

    Registering No-Party at 50
    "As soon as you're born they make you feel small, by giving you no time instead of it all, 'til the pain is so big you feel nothing at all." - John Lennon
    The last half-century saw scenes of tumult and very nearly revolution. Unfortunately, those revolutionary times are in no danger of blossoming in these current days.
    (read more ...)

September 19, 2014:

  Religion & Philosophy in the News

September 18, 2014:



  Environmental Extremism

  Imperial Obama Presidency

  • Alan Caruba (National Anxiety Center)

    Our Pathetic President
    The first thing you need to keep in mind is that Syria and Iraq are now just lines on a map at this point. They don’t exist as national states because the former is locked in a civil war that will replace its dictator one way or the other and the latter’s alleged government is deeply divided between the usual schism of Sunni and Shiite. In his September 10th speech, President Obama uttered the word “war” only once and then only to say “We will not be dragged into another ground war in Iraq.” That speech, like everything he says, was a lie constructed to undue the truth he inadvertently admitted when he revealed “We have no strategy.”
    (read more ...)

  Law & Litigation Issues


September 17, 2014:

  Breaking News!

  Climate/Climate Change/Weather

  • Forbes (Forbes)

    Activists Make Embarrassing Errors Attacking Texas Climate Texts
    by James Taylor
    The climate activist group National Center for Science Education embarrassed itself recently by making basic errors attacking climate science in Texas. NCSE grossly misrepresented the results of two methodologically flawed surveys to falsely claim the surveys exclude the possibility of a significant natural contribution to late 20th century warming.
    (read more ...)


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